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Izetta: The Last Witch Ep. 7 Review “The Battle of Sognefjord”

Just as we thought, the 7th episode is an action-packed one ending on a cliffhanger that makes us fans wish that a week will pass within a blink of an eye. And what make this episode more interesting are the historical allusions that appeared, making this one close to the real deal. Though, we know there is no cooler than a girl astride an anti-tank rifle flying with four torpedoes and wrecking a carrier.

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The episode started with a ship cruising off the Bregen Coast. Then it was followed by the scene where leaders and representatives from different nations and governments-in-exile, such as Britannia, United States of Atlanta, Kingdom of Nord, and Thermidor, were on Britannia discussing about Germania’s deployment of a carrier, Drachenfels, on Sognefjord. For a moment, they are preoccupied with the aforementioned subject, this later shifted when the White Witch of Eylstadt was mentioned. At that moment, most of them didn’t believe it and thought it was only a propaganda of a small nation which somehow successfully driven off the advances of invading forces. In their disbelief and amazement, with the introduction of Lord Redford of Britannia, Archduchess Ortfiné entered the room and followed by Izetta who was then hovering outside the mansion. With this, the Allies have lost their doubt about the authenticity of a witch living on the 20th century.

last witch

After that, they planned an operation where they will sink the Germanian carrier which was then on Sognefjord. At first, the Britannians noticed that is weird why Izetta has to fly on a long way towards the target. As we know, her powers are only limited to certain areas and they will take no risk of revealing it, so they reason out their actions as a measure against early detection of the planes of Germania. Thus, the plan came into action and flew towards the target. Flying towards the area of operation with four torpedoes along side, just as expected, Izetta met no resistance of some sort. When she reached Sognefjord, in her shock, she didn’t find the carrier right away and assumed that it was now off the coast. As she tries to find the ship, the Germanian’s “Luftwaffe” and “Kriegsmarine” launched an ambush against her. Disoriented and overwhelmed by the odds, two of her four torpedoes were shot down and there were times she fell off the water because it happened that she were on an area where her powers were relatively weak. But through sheer will and not letting everyone down, with the remaining torpedoes, she successfully hit the carrier’s elevator. And with the support of the Britannian Air Force, Izetta managed to finally sink the carrier by hitting its aft deck where its fuel tanks were.

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The operation is a success for the Allies, but they don’t know that the deployment of the ship there is a decoy to test her powers. And as expected, Berkman managed to deduce somehow the weakness of the White Witch of Eylstadt. With this one in his hand, he only needs one more piece to solve this puzzle and confirm everything. Towards the end of the episode, it seems that there is a woman entombed on a capsule, just like the one where Izetta was. Does that mean that Izetta is not the last witch after all?

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The Review
This episode meets my expectation and deserves my praise. And just like two episodes ago, the idea of having Izetta to have little to no powers at all on some areas is simply splendid, a great counterbalance for an overpowered character. This is where strategy enters and hopefully, as far as I see, will not be put together with Senjou no Valkyria, where at first it is all about strategy and when the heroine’s power was awakened, she became OP like a boss. We all know that we have enough of that and we need something new. Then there is also the dogfight between Izetta against the “Luftwaffe” and the anti-air defense of the Kriegsmarine. The way they fought is really amazing that I cannot stop comparing it to Brave Witches. And with the next episode that will be aired days from now, hopefully we will see how the Germanians will deal with her and what actions our heroines will do if their secret is unearthed, not the “yuri” part of course.I wonder how cruel the next “fairy tale” is.

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