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Drifters Ep. 6 Review: I Guess You Did Nazi that Coming

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The 6th episode of Drifters is already out and what I can say that this episode is both shocking and hype inducing! Even though I already read the manga (coughs like hours ago LOL, you can’t blame me, I am tired of waiting every week) the anime adaptation never ceases to amaze me and constantly pushing me on the edge of my seat. If you haven’t watched the latest episode of the Drifters, I advise to you guys to stop reading. SPOILERS AHEAD! READ AT YOUR OWN PERIL!!

At the Battle of Sekigahara, Shimazu Toyohisa managed to mortally wound Ii Naomasa, though he himself suffered heavy injuries. As he retreats from the battlefield, both bleeding and wounded, he found himself standing on a corridor of doors. And there he found a bespectacled man at a desk holding a newspaper and seems to be waiting for his arrival. Then, Toyohisa found himself being dragged by a mysterious force on the nearest door. On the other world, he was found unconscious and carried by two young elves on a castle ruin where two great warriors from Ancient Japan resides. From here started the battle between the “Drifters” and the “Ends” on the slowly crumbling empire of Orte.

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Der Führer and the Orte Empire

We all know that once upon a time, a man named Adolf Hitler once lead Nazi Germany to wreck havoc on Europe, enforcing the ultranationalist policies and suppression of the Jews, and other nationalities and minorities like Russians, Serbs, communist, etc. And on 1945, with the Red Army on the doorstep of Berlin, he committed suicide. Or that’s what we believe he did.
Half a century ago, a strange man appeared on Orte and bewitched the masses with his rhetoric. Starting from people on a bar, the number of his followers grows to multitudes. Eventually, he founded an empire, which became the Orte Empire with a policy of having humans’ supremacy over demihumans. Pan paka pan! Yeah! You are right, that man is no other than Adolf Hitler himself!! Though we have a bit of a vague hint about it, local lords discriminating the elves of a small village, killing and pillaging. But isn’t that like how most antagonists would like to do? On the first few minutes, Der Führer was referred as the Father of the empire itself and committed suicide because of unknown reasons. Oh, he just got to another world to f*ck up another world then committing suicide again. GG Hitler. May I remind you that you are not Subaru.

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Retribution and the Empire at Peril

The hype is real this episode. Episode 5 is a cliffhanger with Toyohisa and his elven comrades witnessed how those filthy soldiers defile the elven women. As a man of honor, he despised this shameful act and commanded all imperial soldiers to be killed, only to be stopped by Nobunaga on the midway. And the geezer himself took over and continued to command the archers to kill them all, sparing no one but a single soul who claimed he never slept with a woman, saying let him handle the dirty works. Though, Toyohisa didn’t give a damn.

With the appearance of this trio, Toyohisa, Nobunaga, and Yoichi, on that elven village, they themselves are not aware that aside from the Black King, they themselves made a revolution from themselves. And that is a technological revolution. Remember how Nobunaga put all the corpses on a pit mixed with excrements and other organic stuff, hence producing saltpeter? In a medieval world where everything surpassing physical strength came from mystic arts, the gunpowder is really a game changer. Though the elves have no idea why it seems Nobunaga loves to collect poop, I bet, they will thank him afterward. At the moment, the only problem that arises is how our gun slinging strategist to procure as many rifles as possible if the elves told them that the mechanism is to complicated for them. With the liberation of that elven village, once again, Nobunaga used his cunning skills to encourage the nearby elven villages to join their “revolution”. He is some how disappointed that Toyohisa didnt seize the opportunity to become a “ruler” among the elves and transfer the power to the council of the elder elves. Meanwhile, Yoichi once again trained the elves in archery, though, because of the effeminate appearance some elves said it is such a waste for him being a “short ears”. He then replied that he is the ugliest among his brothers. LOL.

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Meanwhile, on the capital of the Orte Empire, a drag queen obviously holding a high position on the society appears, none other than Count Saint- Germi, was on a conference with other high officials of the empire to deal with the problems of the great nation both internal and external. The sly Count Saint-Germi knows for sure that Orte is on the brink of destruction and thinks it is time for him to bail out, as expected for someone who once betrayed people to hold an alliance with Hitler.

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On the eastern seas of Orte, an armada was also annihilated by the griffin riders dropping “explosives” made from fish and animal fat. If you are familiar with the early stages of World War II on the Pacific, I am sure you are damn familiar what is behind the yell of “Tora! Tora! Tora!” (clears throat thanks KanColle for introducing me history). And at the end of the scene, we can see another Japanese personality, Admiral Tamon Yamaguchi who stands on the deck of his ship, Second Carrier Division’s Hiryuu.

Towards the end of the episode, a couple of “Ends” and a striking force are moving towards Toyohisa and the gang. With the stench of bloodlust lingering, our protagonists prepared themselves. With Jeanne d’Arc and Gilles de Rais on the move, we will witness an epic match up between the two factions!

Just like what I mentioned earlier, the whole episode is hype inducing, exciting, that if you don’t have any patience, you will read the manga itself! The story itself is perfect, though, it has some of those minimal historical inaccuracies and quite biased. You know, having five of the “good guys” as Japanese compared to the more balanced composition of the “Ends”. (Someone is yelling: If you have some problems, make your own manga! :V ) Anyway, for me, despite that, this is one of the top promising anime this season!

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