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Cats Cosplay as Popular Japanese Anime Characters!

Warning: Cuteness Ahead!

Recent photo uploads from the Nekoya cat cafe reveal the establishment’s pet cats dressed up in cute and awesome costumes.

Majority of the photos show our furry feline friends cosplaying characters from Naruto, Pokemon, One Piece and even from the Studio Ghibli films!

That cat cafe has two branches in Japan (in Kawagoe and Saitama). Both venues are well-maintained by the staff and ideal for both humans and cats to relax and unwind.

Visitors in the cafe will enjoy the great ambiance, the manga volumes that they have on their shelves, as well as enjoying the company of cats around you.

Though the visitors are not allowed to carry or hold the animals, you just can’t get enough of them especially when the staff will get them to dress up in these costumes.

If you’re looking for a cool place to go to next year, put this place in your Japan Travel Itinerary!

For more information, you can follow Nekoya and find out more about this place in Kotaku

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