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Izetta: The Last Witch Ep. 6 Review “On a Quiet Day”

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The latest episode of this autumn’s currently airing anime Izetta: The Last Witch is by far the most disturbing episode for me: Private Jonas Gallea was killed by Sieghart “Sieg” Müller, Eylstadt’s counselor of the Duchal Palace, as the latter chased a Germanian spy on the loose. I bet you guys think that I am exaggerating and making fuzz over a bespectacled secondary character. But you have to recall that Jonas accidentally overheard the secret of Izetta on that mountain pass an episode ago.

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Izetta as Eylstadt’s Second Weisse Hexe

The story revolves around the last survivor of a clan of witches, Izetta, who found herself on alternate universe Europe which was then amidst of the turmoil of the Second World War. Honoring how the then the young crowned princess of Eylstadt, Princess Finé, saved her life several years ago, our heroine made a pledge to help protect her and her country against the invading forces of the imperialistic Germania. Due to her magical powers that brought chaos to their enemies, she was then dubbed as the Second Weisse Hexe, an incarnation of the White Witch who was the legendary protector of Eylstadt.
With the knowledge of Izetta’s existence public to the world, it seems that the world received a renewed faith against Germania. Though, it seems that the other side is doing their homework and persistently tries to find out what is the weakness of the “newest weapon” of the Allies. Meanwhile, Izetta and Princess Finé flew to Britannia to personally attend a conference of nations resisting the reigning imperial supremacy in Europe.

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For One’s Country

Both in real life and in fiction, we had seen, heard, or read of several exploits men and women did for the sake of patriotism. What makes one soul greater than another is either the reason why they fight or the lengths that one is willing to undertake. In this anime, Sieg never hesitates on his every action, for the sole purpose of protecting his homeland.
With the appearance of Izetta on the stage, he saw that the situation isn’t as dire as before. Yet, he never let his guard down, finding measures to meet the shortcomings of the power of the witch. And upon resolving one of these, accidentally, an unlucky soldier happened to pass by hearing his conversation with the general. Along further investigation of Sieg, he found out a Germanian spy was on the same platoon of the then identified soldier, Jonas.
Just in time, before the private spilled the beans after the spy shot his left thigh and threatened that something bad will happen, Sieg appeared out of nowhere along with his subordinate. The other guy chased after the Germanian, while the intelligence head stayed and shot the ailing soldier dead. This safeguards the state secret against the enemy.
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The Review

The episode started with Jonas running back to his camp with an “Oh-Sugar-Honey-Iced Tea- I just-heard-a secret-I-should-never-hear-about-Izetta” expression painted all over his face. And guess what, the first one who heard this is the Germanian spy in guise of being a sergeant. This is then followed by light hearted scenes on Eylstadt with the girls fooling around. Somehow, this successfully took my mind off what is really happening until the middle of the episode. After that, another light hearted scene followed which concluded on a series of increasing tension.

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Everyone did a great job on this episode. The right amount of comic relief, and the rising stakes and tensions on both sides, they are all perfect. They not only make us anticipating for the 7th episode, The Battle of Sognefjord, which on the title itself we know something badass will happen next week. But it also made us cast doubts and picking our curiosity, especially with Sieg and Berkman, a major of the Germanian Special Unit who digs into something about Izetta, both outstanding in their respective fields. Hence, we see how a zealot views everyone around him and aware himself how everyone will look back to him. Just like he said, “All is fair in war.” But it isn’t fair to the ones who lost someone they hold dear. Ultimately, is everyone willing to pay the price? With the closing of the 6th episode, several questions arise. What will happen too Britannia with the arrival of the princess and the witch? Will Berkman succeed on finding something on that hidden facility? And this is more of a speculation, because of the damn camera angle, did Sieg killed Jonas for real? I guess we have to wait for a week before we find our answers.

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