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Comedy Anime Series 'Ai Mai Mi' Gets a Third Season

Last month, a certain chapter of the ‘Ai Mai Mi’ manga was posted for a while but was later unlisted in its main website. It featured author Choborau Nyopomi announcing that a third season of the anime adaptation is in the works and hoping that a fourth season might happen as well.

The project of a third season is confirmed after the ‘Ai Mai Mi’ anime music composer Fuga Hatori announced it at the ani x wara event which happened on Sunday.

Based on the popular online yonkoma manga series, ‘Ai Mai Mi’ was first published in 2009 and still ongoing with a total of six volumes being published so far.

The anime adaptation of the yonkoma were aired 2013 (Season 1) and 2014 (Season 2).

You may read more info about it here: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2016-11-06/ai-mai-mi-anime-gets-3rd-season/.108521 and check out Fuga Hatori’s tweet about the project here.


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