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“Monster Strike The Movie” to be Released in December

Mixi’s smartphone game “Monster Strike” film adaptation will be out by December 10, and two trailers from Warner Brothers Japan are already out to show the features of the film, particularly its theme song “Yume no Arika” (The Hiding Place of Dreams) sang by Naoto Inti Raymi in the new teaser.

New Teaser

First Trailer

The main staff members are as follows:
Director: Shinpei Ezaki (Gunslinger Stratos: The Animation)
Screenplay: Taku Kishimoto (Silver Spoon, Haikyu!!)
Story Composition: Jiro Ishii, Yoichi Kato
Original Character Design: Tatsuro Iwamoto
Original Monster Design: Masayuki Kondo
Animation Design: Shizue Kaneko
Anime Production: Liden Films, Ultra Super Pictures, XFLAG Pictures
Production: XFLAG
Distribution: Warner Brothers Japan

Here is also a list of the main voice cast:
Ren Homura (elementary school age): Maaya Sakamoto
Ren Homura (junior high school age): Yusuke Kobayashi
Haruma Kagutsuchi (elementary school age): Tomo Muranaka
Akira Kagetsuki (junior high school age): Kengo Kawanishi
Aoi Mizusawa: Lynn
Minami Wakaba: Juri Kimura
Oragon: Jun Fukushima
King Arthur of Knights of the Round Table: Nana Mizuki
Genome: Koichi Yamadera

For more, read on Crunchyroll.


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