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“Kyo no Kira-kun” Live-Action Out by February 2017

Rin Mikimoto’s romantic shoujo manga Kyo no Kira-kun will have its live-action film adaptation released in Japanese theaters on February 25, 2017. The said project was directed by Yasuhiro Kawamura. A new trailer is already out and it shows the romantic drama comedy aspects of the upcoming film.

The original manga was out in 2012 and was serialized in Kodansha’s Bessatsu Friend until 2014. It revolves around the story of Ninon Okamura, a very meek girl who has a limited social life but is particularly fond of her talking cockatiel pet, and Yuiji Kira, a seeming-to-be cold-hearted playboy who secretly experiences an illness that is numbering his last days on earth. Their thread of fate tie together as they enter an unlikely romantic relationship. Ninon Akamura will be played by Marie Iitoyo and Yuiji Kira by Taishi Nakagawa.

For more, read on Crunchyroll.

It’s pretty cool to see live-action adaptations of real-life romance manga, and we hope to see more of it.

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