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“Sakurada Reset” Poster and Teaser Trailer Now Available

Yutaka Kono’s light novel series Sakurada Reset live-action adaptation is coming out with the first movie of two this Spring 2017, and the audience can now view the official movie poster and teaser trailer online.

The plot of Sakurada Reset is about the town of Sakurada in which a lot of people have superhuman powers. Two of these powerful humans are Ken Asai (performed by Shuhei Nomura) with perfect memory and Misora Haruki (performed by Yuina Kuroshima) with time-resetting powers with a limit of three days back. These two form a powerful team of time travellers who will never forget the memories they had in the future. Two years ago, one of their classmates died so these two want to use their powers to save the person, but a mysterious monitoring organization in Sakurada does not want them to manipulate the past’s timeline.

For more, read on Crunchyroll.

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