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“Crayon Shin-chan” Alien Invasion Movie to be Expected on 2017

Aliens are invading! And of course one little boy has to be in the middle of everything, probably causing some trouble to boot. Nothing like Shin-Chan to be there right in the middle of something interesting!

For its upcoming 25th anniversary, the Crayon Shin-chan animated theatrical film series will produce another masterpice about the 5-year old protagonist and his first alien contact. The upcoming theatrical film is entitled Eiga Crayon Shin-chan: Shuurei!! Uchuu-jin Shiriri (“Crayon Shin-chan the Movie: Invasion!! The Alien Shiriri”) and is expected to be released in Japanese theatres by April 15, 2017.

The animated theatrical film series started in 1993, with the movie Crayon Shin-chan: Action Kamen vs Leotard Devil as the first release.

For more, read on Crunchyroll.

English Adaptation

Shin-Chan’s English adaptation is widely hailed as an original and creative spin on an anime that is typically not as crude and strange. Dubbed by FUNimation, this version had a bunch of profanity and pitted Shin-Chan as an interesting young boy with quite the potty mouth. This dub shared many similarities to shows like South Park, including mature themes but with younger main characters. It is unclear if this movie will ever be adapted in such a manner.

The unique English version of Shin-Chan helped bring the show to a wider audience, introducing it to high school and college age young men, which are considered a highly desirable demographic by marketers, which put the show in a unique position. You could imagine in the new movie, if it were dubbed in the same style, Shin would say stuff like “Die Alien Scum!! Pew Pew Pew!” and “Ew, I got alien jizz all over me” after shooting an alien. Yes, you can expect it to be that interesting for certain.

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