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Top Ten Anime Characters Seven Deadly Sins Edition: Anger

Anger is one letter short of Danger, or so they say. In the anime universes, a story is incomplete without conflict, especially those with the intensity of wrathful gods. Our beloved anime characters will get angry at something or someone at some point, but there are those several personalities that have gone into the deepest pits of fury. Here is our top ten list of anime characters who are all prisoners of their raging souls:

1. Shizuo Heiwajima from Durarara!!!
No one can defeat the strong and irate Shizuo in our list of the enraged. He is actually a nice and silent guy, but the people around only sees him as Tom’s bodyguard and a very violent fighter, particularly with Izaya. Even as a child, he possessed his immense strength that can be labelled as the representation of his hot temper, thus the effect of alienating himself from his classmates and the world, in general. He even once loved a woman, but she got hurt when he tried to save her, so eventually Shizuo lost the love of his life due to his anger. He also always says that he hates violence, but he’s very brutal himself, so he must really hate himself so much. Anger at one’s self: the ultimate path to Anger Academy.

2. Revy / Rebecca Lee from Black Lagoon
The dual-wielding gunfighter lands on the second place for the List of the Furious. She isn’t one of those types who were formally given combat training and disciplinary classes. Her rough and painful past regarding her alcoholic father and a sexually abusive police officer resulted into her brutal sense of claiming lives, especially of policemen who she thinks would treat her like a rag doll, just like any other dirty cop does. Her foul mouth and brutish ways had given her a chance to survive, because there is no God, and there is no mercy in this world.

3. Eren Yeager from Attack on Titan
The series’ main protagonist is not your typical goody-two-shoes kind of guy. Well to be practically honest, Attack on Titan showed the paranoid and angry side of humanity so well that even family members express their irritation with each other even on the verge of death, just like how Eren’s mother made him shut up for a while because he never listened to what she said. Eren’s hatred for the titans encouraged him to be very rough during battles, particularly when he turned into a titan himself and lost control of his anger.

4. Meiko Shiraki from Prison School
The big-busted Underground Student Council Vice President portrays a very dominant personality, especially with her whip and the punishments she had given to the male protagonists of the series. Although she is an outstandingly physically-abled girl, she was portrayed in a lewd way (probably because it was in the male protagonists’ point of view) thus giving her a BDSM-ish aura. But despite her sadistic personality, one of the prisoners named Reiji loves her to the point of obsession and masochism.

5. Asuka Langley Sohryu from Neon Genesis Evangelion
The fourteen-year old Eva pilot is a favorite topic when it comes to scary angry female characters in the anime world. She is known to be very dominant and proud of her pilot position, and she hates being treated like a child. Her violent and aggressive behavior scares and annoys the other characters at some points in time. But later on in the series, her angry and strong façade breaks down and all of her repressed emotions flooded her once sane head.

6. Guts from Berserk
The series’ main protagonist lived in a world of blood and ire since he was born—it wouldn’t be surprising that he would age with the same world he was raised in. He has this very personal relationship with his sword, and his happiness depended on it and the mortality list he owned. The rest of the series is a whirlwind of humanistic anger and complexity that even the most average person could relate to his death-hungry soul.

7. Ira Gamagori from Kill La Kill
As a member of the Elite Four and leader of Honnoji Academy Disciplinary Committee leader, Ira Gamagori could be a little more than wrathful in the action comedy series. Also because of his position, he has the personal right to get mad at anyone who disrespects his words even at the slightest. He bears the fury of a very uptight prefect, but the thoughtfulness of a guardian angel in case someone needs help. And in case you want to inflict pain on him during a battle scene, he’d gladly accept it because of his masochism.

8. Viral from Gurenn Lagann
Cat eyes? Check. Shark teeth? Sharp claws? Check. This always-seemingly-smirking Beastman is infuriated with humans so much that he calls them Naked Apes. But proud as he is, it could be said that his sense of honor never wanes, especially in battles. He likes to win fair and square, and does not take advantage of his opponents’ emotional or physical weaknesses. The thrill of his blood thirst is only present if his enemy is more or less an equal.

9. Haruno Sakura from Naruto
In contrast to her pink and red clothes, Sakura have always been a short-tempered person with a lot of things like Naruto being too bothersome both to her and Sasuke, peeping toms, and other stupid antics by her friends. The only one that she is very soft about is Sasuke, her ultimate crush. Aside from being a hot head, Sakura learned some skills from Tsunade to the point of her having immense strength while being skilled in healing too. That’s one dangerous healer to annoy then—she might take your heart out instead of letting you live.

10. Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist
Edward Elric is one of the two main protagonists of the series, but he is one of those who cannot control their irritation, even from the smallest of things. He abhors people who make him drink milk, thinks he’s just like any other dirty alchemist, insists that the Philosopher’s stone is worth the human sacrifice, and the worst of all, those who call him short…or even just implying that he is. Sometimes when someone points out how he does not look like the Fullmetal Alchemist, he goes crazy because he thinks it’s about his height that doesn’t make him fit to be one. Sometimes, his anger is at the right timing, and sometimes, he’s just really off because of his deep insecurities in life.

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