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Sneak Peek of the Upcoming Summer Wars – Hosoda Collection release!

Sentai Filmworks Announcement on the Summer Wards-Hosoda Collection Release

Last month, we announced that the beloved hit movie Summer Wars will be joining the Hosoda Collection, our premiere line of premium Blu-ray/DVD + Ultraviolet releases of the extraordinary films of director Mamoru Hosoda. Today, you can get a peek at what this release will look like—and a special preview excerpt of one of the interviews with the director!

Like The Girl Who Leapt Through Time’s release in the Hosoda Collection line, Summer Wars comes in a handsome clear sleeve, as well as an exclusive 52 page book of artwork, interviews and more. (Plus, as we mentioned previously, if you pre-order on Funimation.com, you’ll be entered to win a huge Summer Wars theatrical poster signed by English voice of Kenji, Michael Sinterniklaas.)

This art book is really special—not only does it include concept/character art and an interview with director Hosoda, you can also read about the film from pretty much every principal creative mind that touched the release, a real treat for any fans of, well, any aspect of anime, from animation to voice acting to music to writing and so much more. Interviews include:

- Director Mamoru Hosoda
- Animation Director Hiroyuki Aoyama
- Action Animation Director Tatsuzo Nishita
- Character Designer Yoshiyuki Sadamoto (of Evangelion fame!)
- Scriptwriter Satoko Okudera
- OZ Designer Anri Jojo
- Character Designers Takashi Okazaki and Mina Okazaki, who handled avatar designs
- Art Director Youji Takeshige
- Musician Akihiko Matsumoto
- Theme Song Artist Tatsuro Yamashita

There’s some really fascinating discussion about character design, animation styles, story themes, and more in this book. Don’t forget interviews with the original Japanese voice actors:

Character – Actor

- Kenji Koiso – Ryunosuke Kamiki
- Sakae Jinnouchi – Sumiko Fuji
- Natsuki Shinohara – Nanami Sakuraba
- Kazuma Ikezawa – Mitsuki Tanimura

The clear sleeve’s includes film vitals and reveals the artwork underneath. To make sure your clear sleeve arrives in pristine condition, we’re packaging the art book and disc case together and slipping the clear sleeve on top, rather than shrink wrapping everything together, in order to prevent warping.

Visit Sentai Filmworks for more info.

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