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Crunchyroll Collaborates with LeSean Thomas for “Children of Ether”

Crunchy roll revealed their project with the Cannon Busters creator LeSean Thomas for Children of Ether during the New York Comic Con. Currently, Children of Ether is under Yapiko Animation, and Thomas stands as the director of the animation.

The project involves the following staff members:

• Character Designer: Hiroshi Shimizu (Mithciko & Hatchin)
• Storyboard Director: Shingo Natsume (One Punch Man)
• Animation Director: Yuichi Takahashi (Gatchaman Crowds Insight)
• Animator: Mitsuo Iso (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
• Original Music Soundtrack Composer and Performer: Mr. Hudson
• Contributor to Early Concept Designs: Ronald Wimberly

The story of Children of Ether centers on an orphaned woman and mysterious power wielder named Rhonda.After her father’s death, someone is trying to assassinate her. She struggles to survive the dystopian metropolis she lives in only with the help of her wits and two other orphans. Their ultimate mission is to find out about the mysterious power of “The Ether.”

For more information, visit Crunchyroll.


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