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Top Ten Anime Characters Seven Deadly Sins Edition: Pride

More or less, all anime series depict characters that show the dark side of humanity. You might want to get to know the top ten personalities who obsess on their self-worth and arrogance.

1. Vegeta from Dragon Ball
If you were a prince of the Saiyan race, you might have gotten his own sense of pride too. As the eldest son of King Vegeta, he is very skilled in merciless killing, and was seen as an anti-hero at the start of the series. Later on, he decides to reside on Earth as a hero, but still seeking to win against Goku. Pride never seems to escape our ruthless prince.



2. Byakuya Kuchiki from Bleach
The Kuchiki Clan’s 28th Head can be described in one word: aristocrat. Having a noble position, he carries a calm and formal air with him, and also the arrogance and apathy of a noble class. And oh, he might kill you when you don’t use his name properly.


3. America from Hetalia: Axis Powers
Despite the sunny personality, he is also known to be very vain with himself. As the series depicts, America carries the stereotypes of an average American man with his mania with justice and heroism, and his obsession with junk food and hamburgers.

4. Prussia from Hetalia: Axis Powers
And yet another candidate from the historical series. This self-gratified character loves to write in his journals how cool and awesome he is, and he takes pleasure in showing others that he is the best, even though that is not actually true. His fake strength also pushes him to claim that he doesn’t need anyone, but he cried when once Hungary and Austria were together. So much for pride, huh?

5. Pride/Selim Bradley from Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
He carries the trait in his name after all. Seen initially as King Bradley’s young son, he talks a lot about the greatness of being a hero, particularly for his father. Later on, it is revealed that he is the first Homunculus who has a superiority complex against humans, and takes pride of his kind and his actions.

6. Kyoya Hibari from Katekyo Hitman Reborn
No other student takes pride of his school more than Hibari. He is a violent delinquent who leads a group of his loyal delinquents under the name of Namimori Middle Disciplinary Committee. He does whatever it takes to get what he wants, and you might get badly beaten if you stand in his way, literally and metaphorically.

7. Haruhi Suzumiya from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
It wouldn’t be surprising to see a god in this proud list. She doesn’t really know that she can control how the world goes and ends, but nonetheless she does things her way to the extent of making her friends cry and frustrated. But maybe wounding her pride would make the end of the world sooner, so you have to be careful.

8. Black Star from Soul Eater
He is one of the main protagonists in the series, but no one can deny the arrogance this Shadow Weapon Meister has. During battles, he likes to present himself directly to the enemies rather than doing it stealthily. It also displeases him if someone gets more attention than him, thus he seeks more trouble with his impulsive and loud personality.

9. Tora Igarashi from Kaichou wa Maid-Sama
Tora is initially seen as a gentleman, which is very ordinary for an heir to the Igarashi Group and a former Miyabigaoka High School Student President. Soon enough, his boredom with gold-digging women and his pride for his wealth comes out. You might also wanna check out his evil smile.

10. Jeremiah Gottwald from Code Geass
The series actually is a home for many vain anti-heroes, but this elite Knightmare Frame pilot hits the spot. His ultimate goal is to maintain the Brittanian’s society’s purist supremacy, and he is quite confident that he can achieve this goal. Unfortunately, this guy’s weakness is failure, and it would take him deeper into hell afterwards.


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