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Top Five Pumpkin Heads

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Top Five Pumpkin Heads
We’re already in the first week of October, and our houses and streets will be filled with pumpkin heads all over again. Let’s visit our top five pumpkin heads in the anime world. You’ll never know if you might want to cosplay them for an All Hallows’ Eve party!

1. The Pumpkin Damashigami from Kyoukai no Rinne
He is described with a pumpkin for a head and dressed in an old fashion. Allegedly, he can also steal humans’ faces and curse them into being pumpkin heads themselves.

2. Pumpkin from Ainsworth no Mamonotachi
This little purple-eyed guy is a minor character from the series. His cute cat smile and tiny red bowtie diminishes the scary demeanor he should have had with his ghostly apparel. He couldn’t even hurt a fly…or could he?

3. Mato or Toma E. Fiore from Fairy Tail
Toma is the King of Fiore. As the official mascot and referee for the Grand Magic Games, he disguises himself as Mato. It seems that the Mato in the manga changes a lot, but the Mato in the anime does not change at all. Also, it is also said that the happiness in Mato is quite different to the dark personality of Toma.

4. Confectioneries Studies Club Pumpkin Heads from Hyouka
During the school festival, these two went into the Classic Club’s room so they could sell sweets from their baskets. They eventually traded off two bags of biscuit for a Glock 17 pistol and a copy of the Hyouka anthology. Sounds like they aren’t normal high schoolers just trying to sell biscuits, right?

5. Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV from Cowboy Bebop
Well, she does not exactly wear the pumpkin head all the time, but her orange helmet does make her cuter, don’t you think? She particularly wore the pumpkin while ringing different houses’ and establishments’ doorbells. Dye your hair red, wear a green cape, swimming goggles, a white crop top, black biking shorts, and a big-ass pumpkin—you’re set for Halloween!

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