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Funimation Releases English Dub Line-up for Fall 2016

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Funimation Entertainment will air 18 English-dubbed anime series for Fall 2016’s Simuldub. The list includes both new titles, and series continuously aired by Funimation and Crunchyroll. It was publicized in September that they were to collaborate on episode streaming and dubbing.
The list includes the following:

1. Drifters: During the Battle of Sekigahara, Shimazu Toyohisa got critically wounded during a fierce battle with Ii Naomasa. Walking away from the battlefield, he gets to a location with many doors where Murasaki has been waiting for his arrival. Murasaki leads Toyohisa to one of the doors—this leads him to another world. Unbeknowst to him, other warriors were already transported there, too, and Toyohisa becomes a member of the group, “Drifters.”

2. 91 Days: Avilio lived in the town of Lawless, and the time of Prohibition, when there was no place for law but only for mafia power. Avilio once fled the town due to the murder of his family, but now he came back to the town. He receives a letter from an unknown sender that says he should avenge his family. He knew that the Vanetti family was responsible for the murder, thus he makes a way to gain access to the family and befriends Nero, the don’s son, so that he can appease his vengeful soul. What will happen to these men in this 91-day story?

3. Mob Psycho 100: Kageyama Shigeo, a.k.a. Mob, is not your average 8th grader. From his younger years, he could already use his psychokinesis on spoon-bending and object-lifting. But he noticed that the public was not taking his powers positively, so he tried to conceal it from others. His only wish right now is to get close to a female classmate, Tsubomi. With the help of his psychic “teacher,” he tries to live his day-to-day life while trying to find his real purpose.

4. Orange: Naho Takamiya receives a mysterious letter in her mail that says it was written by her 10-year future self. It stated several events that was supposed to happen that day. She thought it was a joke at first, but when a transfer student named Kakeru Naruse comes to her class that day, which was stated in the letter, she had to believe the sender. Naho’s future self also told her that she had some regrets, thus the need for her to make careful decisions, particularly those connected to Kakeru. Will Naho succeed in altering her fate?

5. ReLIFE: Arata Kaizaki, a 27-year old job hopper, thought he was going to be a complete loser for the rest of his life, until Ryou Yoake, a ReLife Research Institute member, offers him an opportunity with a mysterious pill that could change his life for the better. He accepts it and wakes up the next day looking ten years younger. He was now part of an experiment in which he must attend as a high school transferee for one year. He thought that it would be easy for him because of his various experiences in life, but he finds it difficult to get on with his tests, his physical endurance, and the new school policies he was not familiar with. Ryou also has to observe him during the whole experiment, thus adds to Arata’s stress. The story revolves on his renewed lifestyle, and knowing his classmates on a deeper level.

6. Joker Game: Before the onset of World War II, Japan created the “D Agency” to spy on other countries’ social and economic status. Eight agents following the command of Lieutenant Colonel Yuki were assigned to the most powerful countries, and they reported anything substantial regarding the upcoming war. The agents were trained both physically and mentally to survive the missions. Their most valuable skill is the manipulation of the human mind in order to get the information they need.

7. Alderamin on the Sky: When the empire of Katjvarna went against the Republic of Kioka, the world has gone into battle and ruins. Ikuta was a lazy womanizer and hated the concept of war, but he had to become a High Grade Military Officer so that he could protect his land.

8. Keijo!!!!!!!!: Kaminashi Nozomi is an expert in gymnastics, but comes from a very poor family. Some colleges were trying to get her enrol in their gymnastic programs, but she had other things in mind. She wanted to get into “Keijo,” a gambling sport in which girls will have to stand on a small floating platform while getting the other girls off theirs. The twist here is that they can only use their butt or breasts to get the girls off their platform.

9. Izetta, the Last Witch: In the middle of the European war, an unknown power was released. The last witch, with her ability to combine magic and weapons, has come to save a princess.

10. Yuri!!! on Ice: Yuuri Katsuki, Japan’s ice skater for the Gran Prix Finale, lost the competition and went home thinking about retirement. He became depressed and locked himself inside his parents’ house. Out of nowhere, two professional ice skaters, Viktor Nikiforov and Yuri Plisetsky, came to him. The professional trio finally decided to enter an extraordinary Gran Prix series.

11. All Out!!: The story revolves on a rugby team composed of Kenji Gion, a small but sponatenous boy; Iwashimizu with a dark past; Hachiouji, the warm-hearted sub-captain; and Captain Sekizan, a secretive but powerful player. Their aim is to learn how to be a team, and be the best rugby team ever.

12. Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru: The story focuses on the happy lives of the Token Danshi in the year 2205. There are “historical revisionists” that are trying to change the plot of history, while the Saniwa are protecting history and can give life to objects.

13. Kiss Him, Not Me: Three basic things can describe Serinuma Kae: second-year high school student, chubby, and 100% fujoshi. Due to her fujoshi lifestyle, she ships her classmates Igarashi-kun and Nanashima-kun in secrecy. One of her favourite anime characters died, so she got stressed and lost a lot of weight. Now her classmates, Shinomiya-kun and Mutsumi-senpai , takes a romantic interest in her. She does not know how to deal with it because of her fujoshi thinking.

14. Trickster: The story is situated in the 2030s, and there is a group called the Boys’ Detective Team which resolves different kinds of investigations. One day, a member named Kensuke Hanasaki meets Yoshio Kobayashi, a boy who cannot die. Hanasaki invites him to be part of the team. This leads them to the unravelling of a dark case.

15. Nanbaka: This is an action comedy which revolves around the lives of guards and inmates in the world’s worst prison.

16. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. : Saiki Kusuo is not just your typical 16-year old high schooler—he has psychic abilities. With it, he can get whatever he wished for, and can hear what everyone is thinking. No one can hide secrets from him. He tried to conceal it during his younger years, but the temptation of high school can be a little bit convincing to use his powers.

17. Puzzle & Dragons X: Based from the hit game Puzzle & Dragons, the story focuses on the land of Dorogoza Island that is full of “Drop Energy.” It can be used by the players on friendly monsters. After strengthening themselves, the players and monsters face their foes in puzzle wars.

18. Show by Rock!!: In MIDICITY, the metropolis of music, Cyan was scouted by Maple Arisugawa, the music agency president. Cyan, together with Chuchu, Retoree, and Moa, start a band named Plasmagica. They battle against other bands until they become a top-grade band in MIDICITY.

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