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Bushiroad’s “D4DJ Groovy Mix” Rhythm Game Gets Global ReleaseToday, 5am

Get ready for a new mobile rhythm game, as Japanese entertainment company Bushiroad has announced that they will be launching the D4DJ Groovy Rhythm game globally soon. The announcement was made at the Anime Expo Lite online event last Friday.

Ghibli Museum to Slowly Reopen to the Public in September

It was announced on Thursday by Ghibli Museum Director Kazuki Anzai that the Ghibli Museum is now in the process of slowly reopening to the general public in September. The museum is dedicated to the animated productions made by the powerhouse animation studio, Studio Ghibli.

‘Dr. Stone’ Season 2 to Air in January 2021, New Trailer Teases ‘Stone Wars’ Arc

2021 is definitely a hopeful year for Dr. Stone anime fans as it was recently announced that the season of the anime is slated to premiere in January 2021. To add more hype into this announcement, a teaser video was released in the anime’s official website previewing the “Stone Wars” story arc.

New “Monster Girl Doctor” Promo Videos Preview Opening Theme Song

A new promotional video as well as a TV commercial for the TV anime adaptation of Yoshino Origuchi’s fantasy medical light-novel series Monster Musume no Oisha-san (Monster Girl Doctor) previews the series’ opening theme song “Campanella Hibiku Sora de” (In the Sky Where the Bells Ring).
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End of an Era – Sony to Soon Halt Shipments and Production of PlayStation 3 Console in JapanMar 17, 12am

Do you own a PlayStation 3. Since its first release in 2006, it has been one of Sony’s successful and best-selling consoles the company has ever produced giving gamers a wide array of games to play.

‘Food Wars!’ Original Anime DVD Reveals More Members of the Council of TenMar 16, 2pm

If you can’t get enough of Food Wars.: Shokugeki no Soma, here’s something more for you. An original anime DVD (OAD) of the series is slated to be released in July 4 with some new characters especially under the Council of Ten.

Infamous Lupin III Leaves Calling Card at CoCo Ichibanya BranchMar 16, 1pm

Arsène Lupin III, to the long-time anime fan, this name is one to remember. From the 80’s anime “Lupin III”, this character has made his mark as the world’s worst wanted thief and a genius mastermind.

Comedy Manga ‘Businessmen in Africa’ Green Lit for Anime AdaptationMar 16, 12pm

It was announced on Wednesday in the April issue of Monthly Comic Gene that Africa no Salaryman (Businessmen in Africa) manga is confirmed to have its own anime adaptation. The magazine had no further details were regarding the format of the upcoming anime so far.

Sentai Filmworks to simulcast ‘Anonymous Noise’ animeMar 16, 9am

Sentai Filmworks has acquired license to broadcast the upcoming Anonymous Noise (Fukumenkei Noise) television anime series. The company said it will simulcast the series as it air in Japan, and also, to release eventually a home video version.

‘Beyblade Burst God’ to Premiere on April 3!Mar 16, 12am

Heads up Beyblade fanatics. Your favorite spinning tops are back in an all new anime season of Beyblade Burst God. Details released in its official website on Wednesday revealed that the new anime season will premiere in Japan on April 3.

Ani.Me Feature – Some Memorable Magical Girl Series To Watch On Your Day OffMar 15, 3pm

The magical girl series—cool transformations, memorable characters, and unforgettable catchphrases. For anime fans back in the day, these are probably one of the first kinds of anime series you’ve watched.

Original Cast Announced for Upcoming "Fairy Tail: Dragon Fly" FilmMar 15, 11am

The wait is over as details on characters and cast have been released this Wednesday on the official website of the upcoming “Fairy Tail” film “Dragon Fly.

Two Compilation Films Set for "Haikyuu!!" in FallMar 15, 6am

Coming this fall, following its recent finale to its third season in December 2016, the popular sports anime known as “Haikyuu..” will be releasing not one but two compilation films. Announced on Monday in the 16th issue of the Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine he two films are titled as “Haikyu.

Philippine Cosplayer Liui Expresses Disappointment Over Mismanaged PH Fandom Event, International Cosplayers’ Invitations CancelledMar 14, 2pm

The Philippines is home to some great cosplay talent. Like many countries, it is also a destination to attend great cosplay, hobby, and fan conventions. While a vast majority of events are carefully organized and well-planned, there are some that just don’t really go well.
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