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Sega Drops Yakuza 3 for PS4 in the West as Part of Yakuza Remastered Collection, 4 & 5 to FollowYesterday, 10pm

A surprise announcement from Sega this Tuesday revealed the release of the Yakuza Remastered Collection, which includes Yakuza 3, 4, 5 for the Playstation 4. On Wednesday, Sega dropped the first of three parts of the Remastered Collection with Yakuza 3, which is out now digitally via the Playstation Store in the US and Europe.

New Teaser Trailer Released for Violet Evergarden Side-Story

The Violet Evergarden side-story entitled Violet Evergarden: Eternity and Auto Memories Doll (Violet Evergarden Gaiden: Eien to Jidō Shuki Ningyō) has just released a new trailer on Tuesday. Besides previewing the (expectedly) stunning animation and scenery for the upcoming side-story, the trailer also revealed new cast members and the anime’s theme song ”Amy” by Minori Chihara.

Clannad Developer Key, J-Rock Icon Yoshiki Donate 10 Million Yen to Kyoto Animation

Almost a month after the terrible fire in Kyoto Animation’s 1st Studio Building that claimed 35 lives, there is still an outpouring of support for the embattled studio. Earlier this month Yoshiki, co-founder of legendary rock band X Japan, donated 10 million yen to support the victims of the July 18 arson.

Uniqlo Releases Full Line of Shirts for Its Collaboration With Sailor Moon

Running out of t-shirts to wear. Want to proclaim to the world your love for legendary magical girl franchise Sailor Moon.
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New Smartphone MMORPG Game 'King of Fighters: World' AnnouncedJan 17, 2am

King of Fighters fans, get ready. The SNK Group on Monday released a video to announce their upcoming smartphone MMORPG game The King of Fighters: World is now in the works. The game will be available in both Android and iOS devices.

Makoto Shinkai's 'your name' is Now the Highest Grossing Anime Film in the World!Jan 17, 1am

It's official: the successful anime film hit Kimi no na wa or your name is now the highest grossing anime film in the world. With total international gross sales of $281 million US dollars, the movie has officially surpassed Studio Ghibli's successful anime movie Spirited Away which earned $275 million US dollars.

Yuka Iguchi performs 'DANMACHI: Sword Oratoria' opening theme songJan 16, 9pm

Yuka Iguchi will perform the opening theme song of Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru no Darō ka. (Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon.)’s upcoming anime adaptation of its spin-off series Sword Oratoria, the singer’s official website announced last Friday.

Season 2 of 3 Fantasy Anime to Look Forward ToJan 15, 1pm

There are so many anime in the franchise that many fans have believed to have ended in a less than satisfactory way. Most often than not this is because the anime is meant to lead the viewer to the manga on which it is based on and read further details day to satisfy their curiosity and questions.

68th Sapporo Snow Festival Brings in Ice Sculptures of "Aqour" from "Love Live! School Idol Project"Jan 15, 1pm

In addition to the 250 ice and snow sculptures that will be up for display, there will be a special feature to be found in the 68th Sapporo Snow Festival. This festival is held one week in February and first started out with high school students creating ice sculptures in Odori Park.

4 Strange But Endearing Shoujo Manga to ReadJan 30, 12pm

There are a number of strange manga in the manga franchise, whether it be supernatural anime that brings creepy and questionable creatures to comedy that just seems just a tad beyond the normal spectrum.

3 Anime for Foodies and Viewers to Sink Their Teeth IntoJan 15, 11am

In anime there’ always something for everyone, from the high packed works of shounen anime for action fans to in depth mystery anime for the mystery lovers. There is one brand of anime however that almost any viewer would be able to enjoy.

3 Anime to Watch and Have a BreatherJan 14, 11am

As exciting as watching the fantastical works of anime is, there are certain times when one wants to take a break from all the high action adventures or deep tension drama. To simply watch something to pass the time or even have simple breather by watching something with no high flying action and instead something that leaves a happy sort of feeling.

Seven Seas Entertainment licenses Yumi Unita's ‘Sleeping Beauty’ mangaFeb 4, 4am

Last Month on January 13, Seven Seas Entertainment announced that it has licensed Sleeping Beauty manga by Yumi Unita, who is also authored the Bunny Drop manga series. Seven Seas Entertainment said it will release the first volume of the Sleeping Beauty manga series on November 21 in North America.

Opening Movie and Theme Song Preview for 'Cyber Dimension Neptune: 4 Goddesses Online' ReleasedJan 14, 12am

Cyber Dimension Neptune: 4 Goddesses Online will be released in Japan in February 9. The game's official website released its opening movie and a prevew of the opening theme "Pikon de Matafiction" performed by Erabareshi.
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