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A Second Look: The Royal Tutor

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In the kingdom of Grannzreich, the position of Royal Tutor is one of high regard, a position for which one Heine Wittgenstein has attained under the king’s invitation no less. Both charming yet stern, Heine holds a great intelligence and command for respect even with his lack in stature. Now he holds the responsibility of grooming the young heirs to the throne. The problem? None of the princes seem to even want for Royal Tutor and with the rumors surrounding them, teaching them may prove difficult but nonetheless, Heine is willing to take the challenge.

First Read

The first thing that stood out with the series was how much it played with different expressions on different characters. Without being too outlandish, this really helped in tying the comedy of the series together. The real highlight of the series, however, is how well the series works on each of the character’s stories. However, while the stories of most of the princes were well fleshed out, they did not seem to be the main focus.

With the way that the series has progressed, Leonhard seems the least develop given how he was one of the first characters to be introduced and established. The same goes for Heine; even a little backstory would have been nice to see. Still, it is nice to see a series explore many different characters, though the transition scenes could have been done better. For the most part, the flaws are not that noticeable.

Second Read

While the expressiveness of the different characters and their development started out as the biggest highlights, that is not the case now. The biggest highlight of the series is, in fact, the different bonds between the characters. While the former points bring out the uniqueness of the series, the latter is what makes the story truly enjoyable. Seeing how the characters care for one another and develop with each other’s help is rather sweet. Still, the way each of the character’s stories is fleshed out makes for an interesting read.

Another thing to note with the series is that it introduces an interesting hint of mystery as well. It’s small but it’s fun to try and figure out. While the characters and mystery are interesting though, there is a handful of cliches to note with the series. The battle for the throne, the sabotage, the cold older brother is just to name a few. Then there is also some repetitive parts of the series such as how the princes and how they overcome it with an epiphany and advice from Heine.


The series brings an interesting batch of characters with well fleshed out stories and a good hint of mystery. For the most part, the issues lie in the handful of cliches, repetitive parts, and the overall pacing. Outside of this, the story is strong and the connections you find with each character make for a sweet part to enjoy with the series. If you’re looking for a good comedy story with interesting characters and a good overall story, this is it.

Rating: 8/10

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