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According to Fans, These 5 Anime have the Most Annoying Fanbases

With thousands of critics emerging, seemingly everyday, it is somehow difficult to be a fan of anime films or series nowadays. One of the most challenging parts is the toxic fandoms, you most commonly encounter online, ready to start an argument at the drop of a hat.

10 Anime Characters Who Deserve Defeat

In the world of anime and just about any other story, it's common to have a protagonist and an antagonist. As the viewer, we're to follow the protagonist throughout their journey in hopes of a well-deserved victory.

Best Female Lead Anime on Netflix

In a predominantly male-dominated culture and genre, anime tends to over-represent and favor action-packed adventures of male protagonists discovering their true strengths. As a result, excellent anime featuring female characters can be challenging to locate.

Top 10 Anime Villains We Love to Hate

Anime characters are fantastic, aren’t they. They provide us endless hours of entertainment, exceptionally cool visuals, and somehow manage to make us connect with them on an emotional level. With anime characters, you either absolutely adore them or detest them with every neuron in your body.
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Anime News

New Teaser Visuals Revealed for 'Fullmetal Alchemist' Live-Action FilmJan 1, 17 4am

What a great way to welcome the New Year. A new visual was released in the official website of Fullmetal Alchemist live-action film. You can check out the full visual here. Ryosuke Yamada and Tsubasa Honda will be playing the role of Edward Elric and Winry Rockbell respectively.

Anime Adaptation of "Shūmatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii Desu ka? Sukutte Moratte Ii Desu ka?" Reveals April PremierDec 31, 16 11am

Another anime adaptation for a manga joins the ever growing list under production for the following year and this time it is based on a fantasy light novel series entitled “Shūmatsu Nani Shitemasu ka.

Official Youtube Channels for Net Series "Monster Strike The Animation" Reveals April PremierDec 31, 16 8am

The anime net series based on a mobile game “Monster Strike The Animation” created by the company “mixi” and reported to have over 35 million players worldwide by its staff has announced on Saturday their premier of a second season with a streaming of videos on their official Youtube Channels.

'Sword Art Online' Film Inspires a Release of a Real-World AR AppDec 31, 16 6am

In case you're not aware, Sword Art Online will have its own anime film centered on an augmented-reality (AR) MMORPG game called "Ordinal Scale". Aniplex has recently released an official AR application for the Android and iOS related to the mentioned anime film.

'Fate/Zero' Manga Series to End in 2017Dec 31, 16 2am

Shinijro, the artist behind the Fate/Zero manga had made an announcement on Saturday that the series will end on Volume 14 slated to be released in 2017. The manga began in in Young Ace in 2011. The Fate/Zero anime series also began ariing the same year.

Manga Artist Releases His Dejected Reaction to 'Shin Godzilla' in a DoujinshiDec 30, 16 8pm

Manga artist Kazuhiko Shimamoto is known for his works like Aoi Hono, Hono no Tenkosei, and Moeyo Pen. During this summer's Comiket, he really got a lot of people's attention beccause of his ridiculous doujinshi about his reaction to Hideaki Anno's Shin Godzilla film titled Anno vs.

"Genocidal Organ" Official Site Releases new PV with Highlights including Production HistoryDec 30, 16 10am

Based on Project Itoh’s novel and licensed by anime publisher “FUNimation Entertainment”, upcoming anime sci-fi film set in a world destroyed by a nuclear device with a transformed government “Genocidal Organ” is announced to premier on February 3 in Japan with pre-order ticket sales starting earlier this month.

"Nekopara" OVA KickStarter Campaign Meets Initial Goal an Hour After LaunchingDec 30, 16 9am

In December 2014, video game and publisher company “Sekai Project” released a visual novel entitled “Nekopara” on PC via Steam and later on released two more volumes in the following years. On December 9 this year it has been announced on the “Nekopara” twitter that an OVA (Original Video Animation) adaptation would be made along with a kickstarter campaign to occur on December 29.

Further Details on Premier and Staff for "Welcome to the Ballroom" Anime Adaptation ReleasedDec 30, 16 7am

Only two days after its announcement of an anime adaptation, “Welcome to the Ballroom” a.k.

Toei Animation Released New Anime Film 'Popin Q', First 16-Minute Preview Released!Dec 30, 16 4am

Now on its 60th year, Toei Animation has released a new original anime film titled Popin Q which premiered on December 23 in Japan. The animation studio officially released the first 16 minutes of the film on Thursday.
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