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According to Fans, These 5 Anime have the Most Annoying Fanbases

With thousands of critics emerging, seemingly everyday, it is somehow difficult to be a fan of anime films or series nowadays. One of the most challenging parts is the toxic fandoms, you most commonly encounter online, ready to start an argument at the drop of a hat.

10 Anime Characters Who Deserve Defeat

In the world of anime and just about any other story, it's common to have a protagonist and an antagonist. As the viewer, we're to follow the protagonist throughout their journey in hopes of a well-deserved victory.

Best Female Lead Anime on Netflix

In a predominantly male-dominated culture and genre, anime tends to over-represent and favor action-packed adventures of male protagonists discovering their true strengths. As a result, excellent anime featuring female characters can be challenging to locate.

New Dragon Ball Movie to Hit Theaters Internationally This Summer

This summer, one of the best, long-running anime will have another big-screen movie. Yes, you read it right: the Dragon Ball Super franchise will have another movie, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, released this summer.
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Anime News

Manga Subscription App Mangamo is Now Available Worldwide on iOSOct 23, 20 10am

iOS users can now read their favorite manga on the go as Mangamo officially announced this week that the manga subscription app is now available worldwide for iOS devices. Only Japan, China, and Korea do not have access to the app.

‘Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit’ Overtakes to #1 to Recent Japanese Video Game RankingsOct 23, 20 9am

As expected, the debut week of Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit has taken over the recent Japanese Video Game rankings from October 12 to 18. The game has sold 79,918 copies on its first week alone. Second place is Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

‘The Promised Neverland’ Franchise is Getting a 4th NovelOct 23, 20 9am

There is more to look forward to in The Promised Neverland series as it was announced on their official Twitter account that the popular franchise is getting a fourth novel. The novel is titled Yaksoku no Neverland: Omoide no Film-tachi (The Promised Neverland: The Films of Memories).

The First ‘Fire Emblem’ Game is Coming to the Nintendo SwitchOct 23, 20 9am

It was announced this week by Nintendo that they will be releasing an updated version of the first-ever Fire Emblem game titled Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & The Blade of Light on December 4 for the Nintendo Switch.

Popular Streaming Platforms Like Crunchyroll, Twitch, Netflix, and more will be Available for the PlayStation 5Oct 23, 20 7am

  It seems there is more reason to get the PlayStation 5 after all Crunchyroll recently announced this week that their anime streaming platform will be available for the upcoming PlayStation 5.

Popular Thai BL Series “2gether” Gets Manga AdaptationOct 21, 20 5am

Japanese publisher Wani Books has announced that they will be launching a manga adaptation of the popular BL (boys’ love) novel series 2gether by Thai author JittiRain. The manga adaptation will be illustrated by Hiromasa Okujima, who has also worked on other BL titles such as Bad Boys, Happy Home (Dousei Yankee Akamatsu Seven).

Guest Cast Members Announced for “Stand By Me Doraemon 2” CG FilmOct 21, 20 5am

Two new guest cast members were announced this Wednesday for the upcoming Stand By Me Doraemon 2 CG film. They are: Comedian Bakarhythm, (real name Hidetomo Masuno) who will voice Nakameguro, a salesman for the Future Department Store that sends Doraemon gadgets from the future.

Toonami Announces November 7 Premiere of English-Dubbed “SAO: Alicization – War of the Underworld” Part 2Oct 21, 20 4am

Heads up for those waiting for an official English dub of the latest season of SAO.

New Teaser Video for TV Anime Adaptation of Romcom Manga “Horimiya” Reveals More CastOct 20, 20 4am

A new version of the first promo video for the TV anime adaptation of Daisuke Hagiwara’s fan-favorite romantic comedy manga Horimiya has revealed more cast members. As always, the Youtube link to the video is restricted to Japan, so you can watch it instead in the series’ official Twitter here.
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