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Scrapped Princess [TV]

Scrapped Princess
Plot Summary

A princess prophesied to destroy the world at the age of 16 was abandoned and thrown into chasm right after birth. This, though the truth, was forbidden to be spoken of by anyone in the country. The so-called “scrapped princess” survived, however, and was raised as the youngest of 3 “Kasull” siblings with the name Pacifica.

About the Show

Scrapped Princess is a Japanese light novel series by Ichiro Sakaki and illustrated by Yukinobu Azumi, also known as the popular adult “doujin” artist, Nakayohi Mogudan. In 2003, it was adapted into an anime series produced by Bones. The character designs in the anime are by Takahiro Komori, who is also known for the designs on another anime series, Cowboy Bebop.

Season Characters

Pacifica Casull
Is the main protagonist of the series also referred to as the “Scrapped Princess”? According to a prophecy of the Church of Mauser, she is cursed to destroy the world on her sixteenth birthday. She is abandoned as an infant by her parents and later adopted and raised by the Casull family. Her adoptive siblings, Shannon and Raquel Casull, act as her bodyguards throughout adventures. Blonde-haired and blue-eyed, she is a sweet and cheerful girl with a healthy appetite, but she wonders how so much suffering can come from her existence and blames herself for it.

Shannon Casull
Is the son of Yuma and Carol Casual, Raquel’s younger brother, and Pacifica’s older foster brother. He looks almost exactly like Zefiris’s old master, Lord Beckham Mauser, due to the genetic engineering used to create him. Shannon is a skilled swordsman who has sworn to defend Pacifica’s life no matter what, but he is reserved and calm despite the many difficulties in the Casull sibling’s lives.

Raquel Casull
Is the oldest of the Casull children, Shannon’s sister and Pacifica’s foster sister Raquel often encourages Shannon’s close relationship with Pacifica by sending her brother out to look for and comfort Pacifica. Toward the end of the series, Raquel starts to become doubtful while separated from Pacifica and Shannon. Despite her kind, calm and goofy nature, she will not hesitate to strike down anyone in her way of protecting Pacifica or Shannon.

Christopher Armalite
Is the leader of the elite army unit Obstinate Arrow. Before Obstinate Arrow can leave the city of Taurus, however, they learn that a peacemaker has come to deal with the Scrapped Princess and the whole city is at risk. To gain access to the castle’s resources, Christopher is officially adopted by Obstinate Arrow’s superior, Baroness Bairach, becoming Christopher Bairach. He befriends the crown prince, Forsyth, and researches Grendel’s prophecies to understand the Scrapped Princess’s true destiny.

Winia Chester
Is an introverted and lonesome inn-maid, taken in and raised by her uncle out of pity after her parents died. When Christopher kidnaps her and takes her to the Glass Canyon, Pacifica’s identity as the Scrapped Princess revealed to her. Although initially confused and unable to accept the fact that her new friend is “the poison that will destroy the world”, Winia eventually comes around and continues to have a close friendship with Pacifica.

Leopold Scorpius
Is a clumsy but well-meaning traveling lordling who wishes to become a noble knight. As the son of Duke Scorpius and heir to his father’s territory, he begins as an idealistic youth seeking to join the order of Amber Knights. After meeting the retired legendary knight Doyle Barrett, he begins to question the meaning of justice and chivalry, setting his quest to knighthood in second priority until he can finally discover for himself what chivalry truly is.

Doyle Barrett
A doctor in a secluded forest area who used to be the head of the Amber Knights. He defied orders to throw the newborn princess down a cliff and kill her, as he began to doubt the true meaning of justice and chivalry that would have him kill an innocent child. When he found out that Pacifica was that same baby, he made an atonement by helping Raquel to save her life.

Kidaf Gillot the Silencer
Is a bard who tries his luck as a bounty hunter using his ability to command a group of poisonous BUGs with his instrument. His original intention was to use his BUGs to poison and kill Pacifica, but Raquel subdued him in order to collect the antidote from his cave.

Prince Forsyth
Is the Crown Prince and biological twin brother of Pacifica. He sees the choices he might have to make between Pacifica, the younger sister he never knew, and his people as a dilemma.

A priest of the Mauser Church known as “The Heretical Procurator”. He thinks it is weird to crush something because it is not the thing you believe in and does not accept Church doing. But he also believes that people need to believe something, otherwise life would be tough.

Princess Seness Giat
“Beast” Princess of the Giant Empire, she is quite short-tempered, due to her harsh childhood, where people feared her, and she and Pacifica often argued after they met. She is a warrior princess skilled with her sword and magic and manages to revive the giant floating fortress Skid used 5000 years ago in the Genesis Wars. She is in charge of most technical work, such as rebuilding the Gigas and maintaining the Skid.

Carol Casull
The mother of Shannon and Raquel and adoptive mother of Pacifica- as well as a formidable sorceress. A stately-looking woman with red eyes and silver hair, she was a friend of Pacifica’s biological mother, but the relationship seems to have soured. It was she who decided that the infant Pacifica would receive a name that many people would like. Carol plays a greater role in the novel series than in the anime.

Yuma Casull
The father of Shannon and Raquel and adoptive father of Pacifica. He has tawny skinned and has his biological children’s dark hair. He is a jovial man whose composure is difficult to break. Like Carol, Yuma has a greater role in the novels

An eighteen years old who creates a destructive tidal wave. Pacifica, who was on a boat, washes up on an island with no memory of who she is. While she is starring at the ocean, Fulle is assessing the damage done to the city. Pacifica follows him home in hopes that she might run into someone who knows who she is. For the next couple of days, Pacifica, now named Pamela by Fulle for the time being, lives with Fulle enjoying what would be an everyday normal life. By the end of the series, Pacifica still carries a small wooden block given to her by Fulle, strapped to her hip, claiming it makes her feel protected.

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