Chobits [TV]

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Categories Comedy Mystery Romance

In an alternate version of present day, we have computers known as Persocoms that can be designed to look like toy figures, animals, and even people… Our story fucuses on one such Persocom named Chi and her new owner, Hideki Motosuwa, who is too broke to buy one and yet is lucky enough to have found Chi in the trash. But when Hideki turns Chi on for the first time, something strange occurs… Without her OS, Chi should not be able to be as cognizant as she acts. What is this mysterious persocom and why was she in the trash? Hideki has a mystery to unfold and still pass his classes at the same time.

Perhaps people start to fall in love with their computers, decrying actual human love. This story covers the love between one extremely advanced persocom, one young girl who might be jealous of the love received by persacoms, and the completely and totally oblivious countryboy Hideki Motosuwa.

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