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Blue Exorcist [TV]

blue exorcist
Blue Exorcist
Plot Summary

The story revolves around Rin Okumura, a teenager possessing abnormal strength and endurance who, along with his younger twin brother Yukio, was raised by Father Shiro Fujimoto. Soon after Yukio departs to study at the prestigious True Cross Academy, Rin learns that he is the son of Satan, the strongest of all demons. Witnessing Shiro dying to protect him, Rin ends up doing what his guardian asked him never to do: draw the demon-slaying blade Kurikara, which restrains his demonic powers, from its scabbard. From that moment on, Rin not only gains permanent demonic features like fangs, pointed ears, fiery “horns” and a tail, but also the power to ignite himself into blue flames that can destroy almost anything they touch.

At Fujimoto’s funeral, Rin has an encounter with Fujimoto’s friend Mephisto Pheles, who agrees with Rin’s wish to become an Exorcist like his guardian to become stronger and to defeat Satan. Rin enrolls at the True Cross Academy, which is actually the Japanese branch of an international organization dedicated to protect the human realm, Assiah, from demons and other creatures from the demon realm, Gehenna. Rin takes part in a special Exorcist course, the existence of which is known only by a few. Much to his surprise, he finds that his brother Yukio is already a veteran Exorcist and will be one of his teachers.

About the Show

Blue Exorcist is a Japanese anime series adapted from the manga of the same title by Kazue Kato and was directed by Tensai Okamura and produced by A-1 Pictures. This series follows a teenager named Rin Okamura who finds out that he is the son of Satan and is determined to become an exorcist in order to defeat him after the death of his guardian, Father Fujimoto.

This series was being broadcast in Japan on the Mainichi Broadcasting System and the Tokyo Broadcasting System on April 17, 2011. The episodes are being simulcasted with English subtitles online via Hulu, Anime News Network, and Crunchyroll, starting on April 20, 2011, and Aniplex of America release Blue Exorcist on DVD in four sets, starting by releasing the first DVD on October 18, 2011.

Season of Summary

Episode 1: The Devil Resides in Human Souls
Rin always picking fights with delinquents unlike his more studious younger twin brother Yukio. He encounters a demon that causes his dormant demonic powers to awaken. His guardian, Shiro Fujimoto, saves Rin and reveals that he is the son of Satan born from a human.

Episode 2: Gehenna Gate
Demons break into the monastery, targeting Rin. Shiro gains control at the last moment and sacrifices himself to protect Rin. Upon seeing this, Rin fights back by unlocking his demonic powers with Kurikara, the sacred sword in which his powers are sealed.

Episode 3: Brothers
Rin was enrolled at True Cross Academy and he was shocked that Yukio, his brother, will be one of his teachers. Yukio recalls Shiro telling him to protect his brother, which motivated him to become an Exorcist.

Episode 4: Garden of Amahara
At the academy’s exorcist shop, Rin meets the shopkeeper’s daughter, Shiemi Moriyama. Yukio examines Shiemi’s legs, afflicted by a demon that dwells in Shiemi’s garden. Inspired by their bravery, Shiemi enrolls in the academy.

Episode 5: A Boy From the Cursed Temple
Rin’s disregard for classes brings forth the anger of his classmate Ryuji Suguro, who is smart and studious. During physical education class, Rin learns from classmates Konekomaru Miwa and Renzo Shima that Ryuji’s goal is also to defeat Satan.

Episode 6: The Phantom Chef
The brothers go grocery shopping with Yukio’s salary, and Rin cooks lunch for them both. When their meals go missing, Mephisto explains that his familiar, Ukobach, is responsible for cooking their meals and dislikes it when anyone else uses the kitchen and they became friends in the result of the draw.

Episode 7: Flock of Plovers
Igor Neuhaus, a teacher, teaches the class how to summon familiars. When Izumo’s best friend, Paku, is attacked by a Tiberius, a type of ghoul, Izumo summons her white fox familiars, but they turn against her due to her fear.

Episode 8: Now A Certain Man was Sick
An argument arises between Ryuji and Izumo, the reason why Yukio punishes the whole class. When Yukio leaves for a mission, the students are attacked by the Sibelius which splits a half. Rin learns that the Tiberius was sent by Neuhaus, who wanted to confirm that he is the son of Satan. After the incident, Izumo thanks Shiemi for saving her during the attack.

Episode 9: Memories
Neuhaus reveals that he is a survivor of the Blue Night, the night when Satan slaughtered every Exorcist at the temple where Ryuji is from. Mephisto promotes the students as Esquires, and they all celebrate the occasion.

Episode 10: Black Cat
The threat is Kuro, a cat sidhe familiar owned by Shiro, who has gone berserk after hearing that his master has died. Kuro was a guardian deity but turned into a demon after the shrine was demolished.

Episode 11: Demon of the Deep Seas
Rin, Izumo, and Renzo are sent for their first mission as Esquires to a coastal town, where they meet a boy named Yohei. Yohei reveals that his father set out to face the Kraken six months before and still missing and he believes that it killed his father.

Episode 12: A Game of Tag
Mephisto’s amusement park is haunted by a child ghost so the Esquires are tasked to look for him. One of the quieter Esquires defends Rin, causing Amaimon to retreat. This Esquire exposes herself to be not a student but a high-level Exorcist, Shura Kirigakure.

Episode 13: Proof
Shura posed as one of Rin’s classmates because she was tasked to investigate his connection with Satan. With orders to kill him if his connection is proven true, she is divided between fulfilling her duty and keeping Shiro’s request. Rin loved Shiro as his father, and Shiro was actually raising him as a son, not a weapon against Satan.

Episode 14: A Fun Camping Trip
The class must take part in a three-day drill at the start of summer vacation. They must find a peg lanterns hidden in the forest and return with them. Rin, Shiemi, Ryuji, Renzo, and Konekomaru find one of the peg lanterns, a demon that consumes living things and works together to transport it across a bridge. The plan goes awry when Rin accidentally destroys the bridge and awakens a church, an insect demon.

Episode 15: Act of Kindness
Ryuji saves Rin from the Chuchi, displaying a strong friendship between them. Amaimon forces Rin to fight again, and Ryuji, Konekomaru, and Renzo try to help but are defeated. Rin is forced to reveal his secret. He easily overpowers Amaimon but quickly loses control and goes on a rampage, cracking Kurikara in the process.

Episode 16: The Wager
Arthur Auguste Angel, the Paladin, captures Rin and brings him before the Vatican, here Mephisto is placed on trial for the reason. The group travels to a temple in Kyoto to fix Rin’s cracked sword, where Yukio and Ryuji are plunged into doubt by Mara, the statue demons that tell them to kill Rin. The trial is interrupted by an enraged Amaimon, eager to beat Rin.

Episode 17: Temptation
Rin’s friends now have mixed feelings about him after learning of his relationship with Satan. Shura gives Rin his first training assignment to learn to control his flames. Konekomaru is haunted by a guru, a crow demon that preys on his fear of Rin; Izumo and Rin are then attacked by that same demon.

Episode 18: Gale
Knowing Konekomaru is possessed, Rin attacks him, going for Gufu, but this creates a misunderstanding with his friends. Ryuji witnesses Konekomaru succumbing to the Gufu and Rin slays the Gufu to save his life. Ashamed of causing so much trouble, Konekomaru decides to leave the academy, but Rin convinces him to stay, which helps him reconcile with the others.

Episode 19: An Ordinary Day
The Esquire decide to throw a surprise birthday party for Izumo but Izumo finds out and says that the party should also be dedicated to those whose birthdays have already passed. In the end, the party becomes a celebration of everyone’s birthdays and friendship.

Episode 20: Mask
The brothers discover that their monastery was attacked by a masked man whose objective is to kill Satan’s relatives. Yukio tranquilizes Rin to keep him from going after the man and motivates Rin to control his flames. Ryuji, Konekomaru, and Renzo are held hostage by the masked man and Mephisto are arrested by Arthur for unauthorized biological research.

Episode 21: The Secret Garden
Michelle Neuhaus is dead and is now a reanimated corpse possessed by a spider demon. Michelle is now in Shiemi’s garden. Arthur comes to slay her but when Rin risks his life for her, Michelle realizes he is good and dies to protect him.

Episode 22: Demon Hunting
The Esquires take part in a widespread crusade to destroy all demons, even the good ones. They started questioning the True Cross Orders actions. Yukio is doing it because Ernst claimed it will help destroy Gehenna, the demon world, meaning both Yukio and Rin would be human again.

Episode 23: Truth
When Yukio’s blood mixes with that if Rin, it awakens his demonic powers. Satan shows Yuri’s past to Yukio. She was an Exorcist who let him possess her so he could experience Assiah, the human world, as a human, and became pregnant with twins.

Episode 24: Satan’s Spawn
Rin and his friends are defeated by Satan and flee as Satan begins destroying the town. Rin manages to get his brother to regain consciousness, though Satan’s possession causes him to shoot Rin. The shock from shooting his brother, the only family he has left, causes Yukio to break through and finally expel Satan from his body, and the brothers reconcile.

Episode 25: Stop, Time
Rin and Yukio seize this opportunity and combine their demonic powers, destroying the Gehenna Gate. One month later, things are back to normal at True Cross Academy and the twins pay a visit to their mother’s grave before returning to their duties as Exorcists.

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hey ilovebigpeepee it is not cocks! and people who has not watched this show i recomend this show. it is a GREAT show, and one of my faveriote authors wrote the book, this is my FAVERIOTE SERIES!!! (as said on my profile)
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