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Zeiram 2 [TV]

Zeiram 2
Plot Summary

The story so far: Upon successfully wrapping up an important case, the beautiful intergalactic bounty hunter Iria returns to Earth. Along with her computer, Bob, and her assistant, Fujicrow, she is assigned a new android trainee. Unfortunately, inside the android resides the most cunning combat life form in the universe – a vicious Zeiram unit!

When the android is damaged during combat, Zeiram emerges and begins to terrorize Iria and her comrades with its wide variety of weapons. Trapped in a dimensional Zone, Iria will have to face down the monster one-on-one if anyone is going to get out alive.

This live- action film is directed by the imaginative Japanese filmmaker and prolific character designer Keita Amemiya. Popular Japanese actress Yūko Moriyama reprises her role as alien bounty hunter Iria.

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