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Witchblade [TV]

Plot Summary

After a short-lived attempt to escape, Masane Amaha’s daughter is taken away from her by the government’s child welfare agency.

She later discovers that she possesses a powerful weapon called Witchblade, after her bracelet activated when a monster tried to attack her. She is unwittingly brought to center stage of the struggle between a powerful organization and the government.

About the Show

Witchblade is an anime television series written by Yasuko Kobayashi and is loosely based on an American comic series under the same name. Produced by studio Gonzo, the series aired a total of 24 episodes between April 16, 2006 and September 20, 2006.


Masane Amaha
Masane Amaha is the main protagonist of the series, and bearer of the Witchblade. She obtained this legendary weapon 6 years before in the series’ timeline where a massive earthquake ravaged Tokyo; it left her with amnesia, and a baby that she believed was her daughter. Unemployed, clumsy, and awkward around the house, Masane is pursued by the child welfare division to take her daughter.

When the Witchblade is activated, her body is protected by a black armor, and katana blades grow out from her arms. Aside from this, she gains enhanced human strength, and a telepathic link with Rihoko, allowing her to sense if her daughter is in danger.

Rihoko Amaha
Rihoko Amaha is Masane’s adoptive daughter. She appears to be more mature and capable than her age, which is often compared to her mother’s clumsiness.

Yusuke Tozawa
Yusuke Tozawa is a freelance photographer who believes that the Witchblade is associated with several killings. Eventually, he crosses paths with Masane, and becomes her close friend.

Reiji Takayama
Reiji Takayama is a stoic man and is the Bureau Chief of Douji Group Industries, the company that hired Masane. Masane is tasked to handle “ex-cons”, powerful weapons that were created by Takayama’s employers.

Episode Summaries

Episode 1: The Beginning
Six years after a massive earthquake that caused her amnesia, Masane returns to Tokyo with her daughter Rihoko with hopes to start a new life. However, Rihoko is taken away by the NSWF, and Masane is sent to a prison cell. There, she was attacked by a monster, and the legendary Witchblade within her awakens.

Episode 2: Bewilderment
Despite the Witchblade’s powerful abilities, Masane is defeated and captured. She is then informed about the weapon she possesses, and is forced to destroy an I-Weapon. Meanwhile, Rihoko manages to escape from the NSWF and proceeds to search for her clumsy mother.

Episode 3: Defiance
After displaying the Witchblade’s capability to destroy I-Weapons, Masane is offered to work for Takayama.

Episode 4: Movement
Masane and Rihoko proceed to search for a place to live. Little to their knowledge, trouble has started to brew after the NSWF’s attention is caught by the Witchblade.

Episode 5: Search
Tozawa, a freelance journalist, interrogates Masane, who refuses to share any information. The Cloneblades appear and one of its members, Shiori, challenges Masane to a fight.

Episode 6: Change
Masane is rescued after sustaining serious injuries from her fight against Shiori. Tozawa was able to witness these events, and decides to continue his investigation by involving Masane’s employers.

Episode 7: Past
Masane is visited by Takayama during her recovery. It is revealed that Takayama and Reina had an intimate relationship in the past. Later, Shiori returns to attack Masane, after overdosing from the Cloneblade. She is defeated by Masane.

Episode 8: Reciprocity
Masane is forced to reveal her true identity to Tozawa, after an Ex-Con attack them during an investigation.

Episode 9: Sadness
Masane and Tozawa discover that the Ex-Con were actually human beings.

Episode 10: Interaction
Masane discovers that the Ex-Con are manufactured by her employers from human corpses.

Episode 11: Danger
Masane is kidnapped by the NSWF with the help of a Cloneblade, Nora.

Episode 12: Prisoner
More data is revealed about Masane and Reina through the NSWF’s research.

Episode 13: Separation
Through a government agent, Masane is informed that she is not Rihoko’s biological mother. Masane hands Rihoko over to Reina, after expressing that she is unfit to be a mother.

Episode 14: Family
Rihoko begins to live with Reina. Meanwhile, Maria, a new Neogene, is expectantly waiting to meet her mother.

Episode 15: Bonds
Reina is killed by Maria, who believed that she was her mother and that she did not love her as she expected.

Episode 16: Relaxation
Masane and Rihoko spend a day at the beach.

Episode 17: Confusion
The Ultimateblade is revealed, a Witchblade like weapon meant to be wielded by a man.

Episode 18: Turn
Takayama loses his position in Dohji after the company’s connection with serial killings was made public.

Episode 19: Feelings
Masane visits Takayama and both accept their mutual romantic feelings. However, the blissful moment was ruined, after an Ultimateblade was sent to them by Wado. Masane uses the Witchblade, however it is starting to show some weakness.

Episode 20: Request
Maria takes over NSWF after killing Furumizu.

Episode 21: Vow
After discovering that the Witchblade is slowly killing her body, Masane swears to drag it to hell with her.

Episode 22: Inform
Accepting her fate, Masane takes Rihoko out to a picnic for the last time.

Episode 23: Chaos
Masane prepares for her final battle against 3,800 enemies.

Episode 24: Light
Masane uses the last of her power to eradicate the Witchblade, and every single I-weapon in the vicinity.

Quick Review

Story: The storyline of Witchblade is not particularly outstanding, as it leaves many unanswered questions.
Characters: If there is anything to love most in this series, it’s the characters. They are excellently written, and everyone balances out what the others lack.
Animation: The animation is well drawn, and is consistent even up to the ending of the series. Expect detailed and fluid animation throughout the series.
Sound: The sound does an excellent job helping the audience enter a thrilling and pumped up mood, especially during the fight scenes.
Despite having some flaws and shortcomings here and there, Witchblade is still an entertaining series to watch. If you don’t mind a shabby storyline, then the action-packed fights and fan service will surely get you hooked.

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