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Trinity Blood [TV]

Trinity Blood
Plot Summary

After the unsustainable growth of the human population on Earth, the United Nations has opted to colonize Mars. During this expedition, the humans discovered two alien technologies: The Bacillus virus and the Crusnik nanomachines. The colonizers used the virus, injected it to their bodies, turning them to vampire-like creatures known as the Methuselahs. The Crusnik nanomachines were also utilized, where only 4 test tube babies survived the procedure: Abel, Cain, Seth and Lilith.

Meanwhile on Earth, the apocalyptic war Armageddon has erupted, almost ending the entire human
race. The Methuselahs and Crusniks returned to Earth in order to help in rebuilding society, but has developed a conflict with the humans instead, leading into another war.

The story follows Abel Nightroad, one of the Crusniks created on Mars, a creature that feeds on
the blood of other vampires. He has become a priest, and has joined the “Ax”, a special operations group that aims to protect the humans from the vampires. While Cain, Abel’s twin, aims to continue the war for world domination, and it is up to the Ax to stop their wrath.

About the Show

Trinity Blood is the anime adaptation of the action, supernatural, light novel series written by Sunao Yoshida and illustrations by Thores Shibamoto. It also has a manga series. There are noticeable differences between the adaptations, especially in terms of character design and the storyline. The anime series is produced by studio Gonzo, and has aired a total of 24 episodes, between April 28, 2005 and October 6, 2005.


Abel Nightroad
Abel Nightroad was one of the test tube babies infused with the Crusnik nanomachines during the colonization of Mars. Initially, Abel held great hatred against the humans and sided with the Methuselahs during the war. He was powerful and ruthless, being able to kill over seven million humans. However, after Cain murders Lilith who sided with the humans, Abel decides to abandon the war and spent 900 years mourning in her grave inside the Vatican. After saving Caterina Sforza from Methuselah assassins, Abel realizes that it was his task to continue Lilith’s work and joins the Ax in order to protect the human race.

He becomes a priest, hiding his Crusnik form with a façade of clumsy but compassionate attitude. In penance for his previous sins, he has taken a vow to never kill except when necessary. In human form, Abel fights with a large and powerful revolver loaded with silver bullets. He also has increased strength, stamina, and speed, and shows signs of limited regenerative abilities, which allows him to continue fighting even after being shot.

At 40% Crusnik form, his combat power increases along with a change in appearance. His eyes turn red, his lips become dark blue, he gains claws and fangs, and the ability to materialize a giant red scythe made out of crystallized blood. His regenerative ability also upgrade, allowing him to instantly heal stab wounds.

When Abel is able to feed off another vampire, he can activate 80% of his Crusnik form. Aside from increased powerful combat power, he grows feathered wings, and gains the ability to generate a massive amount of electricity. His regenerative power also goes insane, where it allows him to instantly recover from decapitation.

At full power, Abel becomes a Methuselah killing-machine. His skin turns dark, his feather wings become bat-like wings, and blue markings all over his body. He is capable of generating an even more powerful amount of electricity, and a second blade appears at the opposite end of his scythe. He no longer needs to use his fangs in order to feed, as the Methuselah’s blood directly go into his body.

Esther Blanchett
Esther Blanchett is born as legitimate granddaughter to the queen of Albion. Her father Prince Gilbert was assassinated shortly after her birth, and she was taken away to Istvan by Edward White for her safety. She was raised as a nun by Bishop Laura Vitez, who loved her like she was his true daughter.

Esther meets Abel during an attack on Istvan by the rebels called Partisans, where she lost Bishop Laura Vitez to a church bombing. She decides to join Abel and went to the Vatican, and she was accepted as an Ax fledgling.

Cain Nightroad
Before becoming a Crusnik, Cain was the kind and gentle beloved leader of the Mars Colonization Project until he encountered a fatal accident. In order to save his life, Seth infused him with Crusnik nanomachine, but it twisted his personality and drove him insane.

After returning to Earth and being faced with a war against the humans, the Crusnik brothers decided to side with the vampires, while Lilith decided to protect the humans. When Cain found out that Abel was starting to doubt their choice due to Lilith’s influence, he killed Lilith, which enraged Abel and Seth. Seth and Abel confront Cain, pushing him out of the spaceship and into space. This turns Cain’s body into ash, but his Crusnik abilities kept him alive, and eventually regenerated. He then became the leader of the Rosenkreuz Orden, the world’s leading terrorist organization, whose aim is to dominate the human race.

In human form, Cain is capable of launching an invisible destructive force out of his hands. He also possesses superhuman abilities.

In Cruznik form, his eyes and lips turn red, his hands grow blue claws, he gains six white wings, and the ability to materialize a black lance in his hands. He can generate destructive red energy, and is more powerful than Abel.

Seth Nightroad
Seth Nightroad is the youngest among the Crusniks. She saved Cain’s life after a fatal accident by injecting him with the Crusnik nanomachines, but it changed him for the worse. She treats Abel with sisterly affection, and views Lilith as a motherly figure. Ironically, Cain kills Lilith, and Seth was responsible for shooting Cain into space, with the intent of finally killing him.

After returning to Earth, Seth somehow ends up becoming the Augusta Vradica, leader of the New Human Empire. She rules her kingdom fairly, and treats her subjects as she would treat her own children. However, most of the people of her kingdom have not seen her true appearance, as she tends to cover her face with a veil, accompanied by voice modifiers. She does not wish to further the war against the humans, especially that she knows Abel is with the Vatica, and wishes for peace. Despite this, she does not believe that a long sustainable peace can be achieved.

When she activates 40% of her Crusnik abilities, her eyes turn red, her lips greenish-blue, her voice becomes deeper, and the ability to transmute her blood into a pair of giant tuning forks.

At 80%, she grows fairy-like wings, and is capable of disintegrating her enemies into ashes. Her powers is mainly based on ultrasonic sound waves.


The humans are led by the Vatican, and they continuously struggle to achieve peace with the Methuselahs and other factions that desire for the war to continue. Due to the eruption of overpopulation, the humans sent colonizers to Mars, where there dreaded enemy the Methuselahs were born.

The Methuselahs originated from the colonizers injected with the Martian virus. They are much more powerful than humans. They possess long lifespans, increased strength, speed, stamina, durability, and have regenerative abilities, but require human blood for sustenance. Aside from superhuman capabilities, Methuselahs also have varying individual powers, frequently manifesting in the form of a blade that comes out from their bodies.

Crusniks are unique beings who are also produced from alien technology found during the colonization of Mars. They feed on Methuselahs, and as a result, they are even more powerful and are nearly invincible. Aside from superhuman capabilities that surpass the Methuselahs, Crusniks can grow wings and fly, and possess the ability to transmute their blood into deadly weapons. Additionally, they can generate destructive energies out from their bodies.

Quick Review

If you have not read the manga or the light novel series, following the story in the anime might get confusing, as it introduces many elements without properly defining them. To be able to enjoy the rich plotline that Trinity Blood has to offer, you may need to read the manga or light novel first, or thoroughly read the written synopsis above. However, if you refuse to do so, Trinity Blood is still an enjoyable series as is.

The animation (exempting the CG) and soundtrack are excellent, fitting well with its vampire theme. Throughout the show, the characters are also given time to develop, although it performs poorly regarding it pacing. There are badass action packed episodes, only to be suddenly followed by an episode where they sit around the whole time and discuss politics. Nevertheless, Trinity Blood is an enjoyable series, and it is all up for you to judge.

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I love the music to this one and all the action! It's rock'n cool
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