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Ga-rei Zero [TV]

Ga-Rei Zero
Ga-rei Zero
Plot Summary
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Kensuke Nimura is your average high-school student—except he can see spirits. This ability generally hinders him more than it helps him, especially in trying to get a girlfriend. However, everything changes when he encounters Kagura Tsuchimiya while being pursued by evil spirits. They accidentally kiss, and manage to destroy a source of energy drawing the evil spirits.1 A few days later, Kagura transfers into Kensuke’s class, much to his surprise.1 Kagura is an agent of a government agency that defends the public against supernatural enemies. She wields Ga-rei, a spirit beast that kills these spirits. Kensuke’s spiritual awareness and his attraction to Kagura compels him to follow her to the agency, where he is recruited to fight the supernatural.234
[edit]Yomi arc
Their first enemy is Yomi Isayama, an old friend of Kagura’s, now an evil spirit due to a stone known as a sesshouseki embedded in her forehead.4 Also introduced is another old friend, the perverted Izuna Noriyuki.4 Yomi tries to release an ancient immortal demon sealed under Tokyo.5 The Agency manage to stop her after a long battle, resealing the demon and putting Yomi to rest in the process. A mysterious boy removes her sesshouseki, and disappears.678910
[edit]Juugond? arc
The next story arc concerns the re-emergence of the Juugond? organization and its heir, Shizuru Imawano. She encounters and alternatively threatens and flirts with Kensuke, angering Kagura.1112 Soon, a contest begins between her and Kagura as to who can collect more sessh?seki, with Kensuke—and the Kyuubi—as the prize.13 The pressure is building as Kagura starts losing control of her Ga-rei Byakuei, and the Juugond? arrive in full force. Shockingly, Shizuru’s long-lost sister Setsuna arrives, kills her father and takes over the Juugond?. She attacks and demolishes the Agency, and the government try to distance themselves from the Agency for fear of revealing secrets to the public.14
Kagura, Kensuke, Kyouko and Iwahata survive, and meet Izuna and Shizuru at an agency hideout. After resting, the group faces off against Setsuna inside Tanamoto’s garden, with Kagura as the winner.15 However, Kensuke was gravely injured in the battle, leading Kagura to use the power of the sessh?seki to save his life. As a result, she loses control and becomes the core of the newly-created Kyuubi, destroying the center of Tokyo. Kensuke manages to reach the Kyuubi, using his new Michael Revolution sword to free Kagura.16
[edit]Naraku arc
Due to her brief time as the Kyuubi’s core, Kagura has suffered amnesia, much to everyone’s shock. She and Kensuke resume their daily lives at school, but start investigating ghosts alongside Kensuke, Tanaka, and Izumi, a new student who bears a resemblance to Yomi. Investigations lead the group closer to Naraku, the area in Tokyo destroyed by the Kyuubi and now filled with spirits. They later meet Mikado and Tsuina from the Agency and encounter Kirin, a black wolflike monster from Naraku. Izumi is revealed to be Yomi, who has dissociative identity disorder, alternating between Yomi and Izumi. When the revived Agency imprisons Yomi with the intention of exorcising her, a process that could kill Izumi as well, Kagura breaks her free and the two go on the run.17 Kagura resolves to defend Yomi, disregarding others’ opinions. Fending evil spirits and eventually the Black Priestess’s – Yomi’s – escorts, they are cornered on a snow cliff. There, Yomi regains her memories under the sesshouheki’s control, while Kagura regains her memories up to killing Yomi in Ga-Rei Zero.18 Kensuke, Tsuina, Izuna, and Shizuru, all arriving for different reasons, interrupt, collapsing the cliff and falling near Micheal’s residence.19
After recovering there, Kensuke and the others learn of Earth’s impending destruction at the Black Priestess’s (Yomi) hands, and the White Priestess’s (Kagura) potential to stop it.20 While everyone recuperates from resulting disbelief, government agents arrive to efface them; Izuna sacrifices himself for Yomi, relieving his guilt at allowing her previous deaths.21 She retreats with her retainers, mired in sorrow and her miasma, despite Kagura’s pleas.22 After resurrecting Izuna with an escort’s soul, Yomi arrives at Tokyo’s Naraku, releasing all her miasma and disrupting the Reimyaku. Consequently, this gives rise to Immortals and Narakus worldwide. Kagura, Micheal, Kensuke, Tsuina and Shizuru search for Yomi. Following clashes with the Tengu, Okama, and a revived Kyuubi, they encounter Yomi and Izuna, now a corrupted soul like herself; Yomi melds with Kagura’s soul after comprehending Kagura’s devotion to her, as Byakuei died.23 Izuna subsequently vanishes. Yomi, Kyouko, Kensuke, Kagura, and Izuna, a free-floating ghost, continue exorcism duties and live together, per Kensuke’s suggestion. Mikado marries Tsuina.24 (Wikipedia)

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