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Hayate the Combat Butler!! [TV]

Hayate the Combat Butler!!
Plot Summary

Hayate Ayasaki is an unfortunate young boy whose parents have a serious gambling addiction. Despite working really hard and trying to make ends meet, Hayate was abandoned by his parents and left him an overwhelming 150 million yen of debt to the Yakuza. It was then decided that Hayate’s organs will be harvested in order to compensate for what his family owes.

During his escape from his terrible fate, Hayate encounters Nagi, heir to one of Japan’s wealthiest families. He decides to kidnap her for ransom, hoping that he will be able to pay off his debt. But due to a string of unexpected events and misunderstanding, Nagi falls in love with Hayate, who she later hired as butler after being saved from her kidnappers.

Aside from performing his tasks as a regular butler, Hayate must protect Nagi from the people who wants to steal her fortune. As Hayate gives his best to attend to his duties, he unintentionally attracts the attention of many girls, making his chaotic life as butler even more interesting.

About the Show

Hayate the Combat Butler!! is the second season to the action harem anime series Hayate the Combat Butler, and is supposed to follow its manga counterpart more closely than the previous season. Produced by J.C. Staff, the series aired a total of 25 episodes between April 3, 2009 and September 18, 2009.


Hayate Ayasaki
Since his childhood, Hayate is shown to be a very unfortunate individual. With his father refusing to work and his mother’s compulsive gambling behavior, he had to make money on his own to make ends meet. He moved from one job to another until he was found to be underage, where he gained much of his experience and understanding of how the world works. After accumulating a massive debt of 150 million yen, his parents decided to leave him to the Yakuza as payment. However, he was given a ray of hope, after being hired by Nagi as butler.

Hayate is very efficient in butler work and household chores, thanks to the experiences he gained from previous jobs. Although, his jobs are not limited to the mansion’s management. Since his boss requires constant protection, Hayate’s excellent combat skills are utilized, being able to repel many attacks and earning him the name of “combat butler”.
Despite appearing to be feminine at times, Hayate attracts the attention of many women around him, especially that of his boss, Nagi.

Nagi Sanzenin
Nagi is a 13 years old heir to the Sanzenin family fortune, which makes her prone to being a target for kidnapping and other attacks. She quickly grew tired of getting attacked whenever she is outdoors, and thus preferred to stay inside her mansion, obsessing over manga and videogames. Due to her regal pedigree and being pampered most of the time, she is oblivious to how the world really works, and cannot be left out without supervision. Her maid Maria is seen with her most of the time, who she views as an older sister.

She adores Hayate very much, and becomes jealous when he gives good remarks regarding other girls. Initially, she was immature and short tempered, but everything gradually changed after meeting Hayate.

Season Summary

Episode 1: The Forbidden Freestyle Marathon!
Hayate helps Nagi train for the coming marathon at Hakou Academy, and win her bet against Klaus.

Episode 2: Money’s Tiger
Following Nagi’s lost, Hayate is sent to the Tiger’s Den by Klaus to prove his worth as a butler. There he meets Sister Fortesia, and he is to undergo the Butler Quest with three others.

Episode 3: There is No Legend After All
While on the Butler Quest, Sonia appears and engages Hayate in battle. In the end, Hayate manages to save Nagi, and is reinstated as butler by Klaus.

Episode 4: You’re Just Like Me
The girls compete on making chocolate for Hayate during Valentine’s Day.

Episode 5: Heart to Heart
Kazuki Nishizawa, Ayumu’s younger brother, confesses his love for Nagi and asks her out to a date. She rejects his declaration of love, and goes on to say that she already likes someone else. Later, after a series of events, Hayate ends up seeing Nagi naked at the bath.

Episode 6: Your Place
Hayate is temporarily sent out of the mansion after Nagi starts to feel embarrassed about the prior events. Hayate ends up staying at Hinagiku’s house, after using all of his living allowance to help other people.

Episode 7: Half-Baked Jealousy
Hayate continues to live with Hinagiku at her home, and romantic tensions inevitably arise. Later, Nagi decides to let Hayate return to the mansion.

Episode 8: Shiranui is Here
Hayate brings a cat he adopted to the mansion with him. Nagi decides to raise it and names the cat Shiranui.

Episode 9: What a Girl’s Heart Yearns For…
Sonia returns to reaffirm her feelings for Wataru. Saki starts to feel jealous after Sonia’s frequent visits at Wataru’s video store.

Episode 10: Where’s the Present?
Hayate goes on to look for a present for Hinagiku. Later, Hayate learns that Maria never knew when her real birthday was, and that she was abandoned as a child.

Episode 11: Here Comes the Hinamatsuri
Hayate catches a curse which makes him cross-dress. In order to lift the curse, Hayate must win a challenge against Hinagiku, who apparently has no plans of losing. Later, Izumi’s butler mistakes Hayate for a girl, and falls in love with him.

Episode 12: Cruel Big Foolish Guy’s Thesis
Izumi’s butler Kotetsu, becomes enraged after finally learning that Hayate is a boy. He then kidnaps Nagi, expecting for Hayate to rescue her. Later, Nagi scares the curse away, and Hayate returns to normal.

Episode 13: Feeling of Freedom
Hinagiku receives cookies from Hayate as a birthday present. She then reveals that just like him, her parents left her with a huge debt. Later, Hinagiku realizes that she is truly in love with Hayate.

Episode 14: The Saginomiya Resident’s Relatives
Hayate is asked by Maria to deliver a bag to Isumi, who has fallen ill after her fight against a youkai. Later, Hayate falls into anemia after Ginka sucks his blood.

Episode 15: What Happens at Shimoda Onsen
Nagi becomes lost after the train leaves without her during their trip to Shimoda. She then gets into more trouble after assassins show up to kill her.

Episode 16: Stardust Memory
Together with Ayumu, Nagi manages to escape from her assailants. The assassins return later, but are taken care by Ginka. Later that night, an alien crash into Nagi’s room.

Episode 17: Under the Cherry Blossoms
Nagi decides to help the alien called Maya find her lost spaceship. However, Nagi is mistakenly taken away into space alone. With the help from Isumi, Hayate goes after Nagi, and saves her. Later, Hayate is introduced to Nagi’s mother.

Episode 18: Those Who Never Give Up, Even on White Day
With Hinagiku’s help, Hayate prepares a White Day present for Ayumu.

Episode 19: Aim for the King!
Nagi resolves to rid herself of her lazy lifestyle. Later, Sakuya reminds Hayate of her birthday, and asks for a good laugh as a present.

Episode 20: I Couldn’t Do the Maid Spin
Father Linn Regioster decides to finally rest in peace. But before doing so, he wishes to flirt with a maid, as it is the only regret he has left in the world. Left with no choice, Isumi trains on becoming a maid in order to fulfill Father Linn’s wish.

Episode 21: Somehow Our Own Cat is the Very Cutest
Tama and Shiranui gets lost in the city after their plan backfires.

Episode 22: Keep on Dreaming
Nagi, Hayate, and Ayumu work at Hokuto’s Café Donguri for their own particular reasons. There, Nagi and Ayumu’s rivalry is rekindled, as they both attempt to impress Hayate.

Episode 23: Our Destination
The gang celebrates Sakuya’s birthday.

Episode 24: Distance
Nagi goes missing, and everyone else is trying to find her. Later, Hayate finds Nagi alone gazing at the night sky. Meanwhile, a rivalry is born between Hinagiku and Ayumu, after the former admits her love for Hayate.

Episode 25: Because It’s All About the Butler and His Mistress
Nagi catches a fever after a stressful day at work. She then orders Hayate to get her some Packy, and secretly attaches a camera with his tie. Together with Maria, Nagi watches Hayate and his continuous misfortunes (and luck with girls).

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