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Asu no Yoichi! [TV]

Asu no Yoichi!
Plot Summary

After living with his father and learning martial arts in the mountains for 17 long years, Yoichi Karasuma is sent to a hectic city-life under his father’s orders. He is received by the Ikaruga household — also a martial arts family — which practices the Ukiha Divine Wind Style Swordplay.

Yoichi is accepted by the Ikaruga family in no time, but trouble quickly found its way. Yoichi must now survive in this entirely new environment, and test his skills against local thugs, school life, rival martial art schools, and the Ikaruga siblings.

About the Show

Asu no Yoichi, also known as Samurai Harem: Asu no Yoichi, is an anime adaptation of the comedy harem manga series under the same name, written and illustrated by You Minamoto. Produced by studio AIC, the series aired a total of 12 episodes between January 8, 2009 and March 26, 2009.


Yoichi Karasuma
A young swordsman who has spent his entire life training in the mountains with his father. Due to growing up learning nothing except swordplay, Yoichi is oblivious with how to act around people and the modern customs of Japan. This often causes misunderstandings, particularly with Ibuki, who beats him up under the assumption that he had done something perverted.

Ibuki Ikaruga
After her parents went overseas, Ibuki has since became the head of the Ikaruga family and its dojo. Beautiful and highly efficient in her studies, Ibuki is popular and well-loved among her schoolmates. Despite constantly hitting Yoichi with her wooden sword, Ibuki is secretly in love with the young samurai.

Ayame Ikaruga
One of Ibuki’s younger siblings. She has a tsundere personality, and is very bad with household chores. Despite her good taste in fashion, she becomes conscious when breast size comes into play.

Chihaya Ikaruga
One of the Ikaruga children, and is a manga artist. Of all the Ikaruga siblings, Chihaya appears to be the most sexually aggressive, often flirting with Yoichi while teasing her sisters.

Kagome Ikaruga
Youngest child of the Ikaruga family. Despite being clumsy in martial arts and other physical activities, Kagome is notably efficient in household chores. She has a shy but a sensitive personality. This shows when she chooses to bind her breasts as they are already larger than Ayame’s, in order to spare her sister’s feelings.

Season Summary

Episode 1: A Samurai Comes!
After his father figures that he has nothing more to teach him, Yoichi is sent to live with the Ikaruga family in the city. Yoichi, who now just arrived in the city, chases after a thief and trashes the shopping center in the process. He unknowingly encounters the Ikaruga sisters along the way, who were waiting to pick him up. They finally recognize each other after Yoichi returns Kagome to Ibuki who was lost.

Episode 2: Welcome to Yokko
Yoichi is sent flying into Ayame’s room by Ibuki, after the latter read a lewd haiku about her. The next morning, Yoichi is taken to the school, and immediately catches the attention of his schoolmates. He meets Washizu once again, who he defeated after ridiculing his clothing from the other day. He defeats Washizu in front of many spectators, after the latter has challenged him in an attempt to redeem his reputation.

Episode 3: Amazing Without Clothes
A clumsy shy girl has transferred into Yoichi and Ibuki’s class named Tsubasa Tsubame. Just like Yoichi, Tsubasa grew up in the mountains and trained in the martial arts. Yoichi compliments Tsubasa’s cuteness, which frustrates Ibuki causing her to hit Yoichi. It is later revealed that Tsubasa is a practitioner from a rival martial arts club.

Episode 4: Chihaya Being Chihaya
Ibuki and Yoichi demonstrate swordplay to their students. However, Yoichi accidentally rips Ibuki’s clothes from a sword swing, and immediately pays for it. Later, Chihaya decides to interview Yoichi, as she is having troubles regarding her manga. Much to Yoichi’s surprise, Chihaya starts seducing her after bringing him to her room. They are interrupted by Ibuki, who promptly hits Yoichi.

Episode 5: Let’s Go on a Date!
Yoichi is invited to a date by Yui Hinagata. This alerts Ibuki, as she knows Yoichi is inexperienced, and this might ruin their dojo’s reputation. She decides to take matters into her own hands, and takes Yoichi into a practice date. During the whole time, Ibuki’s siblings were covertly spying on their practice date.

Episode 6: Wassan Comes!
Washizu mistakenly joins the Ikaruga dojo, after failing to confess his feelings to Ibuki. Yoichi is then assigned to teach the newcomer Washizu, but they quickly got into trouble and were punished by the strict Ibuki.

Episode 7: School Swimsuit, White School Swimsuit, Two-Piece Swimsuit
The Ikaruga siblings along with their dojo’s students, decide to spend the day at a beach after winning in lottery. However, two brothers from the Saginomiya clan are assigned to defeat Yoichi, and follows him to the beach. Later, Yoichi defeats the brothers with a bokken.

Episode 8: Back Then, You Were Badass
Washizu and Ayame are caught into several misunderstandings after their failed attempts in confessing their love to Ibuki and Yoichi, respectively. Later, Washizu is caught into trouble with a local gang.

Episode 9: A Summer Festival: Plunging into the Fire
Washizu and Ayame’s relationship is futher pushed into misunderstanding. Later, the Yoichi and his companions participate in a festival, but the Saginomiya is back to challenge them again. The Saginomiya clan fixes several events, including Ibuki winning a free trip to a hot spring resort.

Episode 10: A Battle to the Death at a Hidden Hot Spring!
Yoichi and the Ikaruga claim their free hot spring trip. However, Ibuki is abducted, after Yoichi is knocked unconscious from a sleeping gas. Later, the remaining Ikaruga siblings and Yoichi reunite, and they immediately set out to rescue Ibuki from her kidnappers.

Episode 11: I’m Taking Ibuki
Ibuki’s mindset reverts back to when she was 4 years old, causing trouble for the people in her dojo. She is later abducted by Saginomiya clan. Yoichi and the Ikarugas set out again to save their older sister.

Episode 12: Yoichi Fights On!
Yoichi and the Ikaruga siblings struggles to enter a castle where Ibuki is held. They are faced with Saginomiya servants, preventing them from rescuing Ibuki who was planned to be married with Ukyou.

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