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What is everyone Cosplaying as at MidWest

Jun 21, 21 at 7:53pm
I’m cosplaying fem Noya from Haikyuu!! and Rin Tohsaka from Fate/Stay Night! Probably switching between the two through out the three days.
I'm bringing my own TV Head on Friday, Discovery Thomas and Encore Guy Man (Daft Punk) on Saturday, and Minecraft Villager on Sunday! I might swap the TV Head and Villager it just depends on how I feel because I can't see out of that head lmao
It's gonna be my first time at a convention. I didn't really have any anime in mind, but my friend and I decided to do a Star Wars cosplay. He's Mace Windu and I'm just a regular sith acolyte, so I'm pretty pumped!
A friend and I will be Karl Jacobs and Sapnap on Friday and Saturday were doing their Blue Sonder versions! Hoping to see other minecraft cosplayers there!!
I will be cosplaying as No Face from Spritied Away On Saturday. It's my fist time and so it's my first and only Cosplay. For next year though, I will be working on something far more advanced! (Especially since we all decided to go the last minute! lol)
My husband and I are doing a couples cosplay as GrownUp!Hans Christian Andersen and MoonCancer!Sessyoin Kiara from Fate/Grand Order on Saturday. I know there's a Fate panel on Sunday but we may or may not go in cosplay cause Sunday's usually our casual dress day.
I'm cosplaying as Toga from My Hero Academia!! I would love to meet up with people and take pictures!!
It's my first time cosplaying. I will be Alluka
I'll be going as Chompette, Nobara, and I'm still debating on reusing my Pitou (HxH) cosplay or my OG Chun Li cosplay!
I'm going to do Diana and Syndra from League of Legends! I am hoping for a meetup hopefully :3
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