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What is everyone Cosplaying as at MidWest

I could go with no face... hahah it's the easiest for me to cosplay last year :D
im gonna go as my waifu aka homura akemi SO if anyone wants to be the meduka to my hameru pls message me im lonely k thx ily
First day I’m doing UA cheerleader with a friend, second day haikyuu kurasino team, specifically hinata number and shoes, and third day scout regiment. I’ll be like members for each so I won’t be changing my hair, it’s probably going to have a bow or two. I wanted to do bakugo but I’m saving it for Comic-Con.
Dabi from my hero
I am thinking of going as Ikaruga - Senran Kagara to the midwest in July.... LOL I am new... and coming to this for my brother before his brain surgery. Do people get a costume for each day or can you wear one for all 3 days? I am going all out on mine.... Also, any advice you have would be great!!
I'll be going as Polnareff on Saturday! Are there any Jojo meets up happening? Thanks
^^ Same question! my friend and I are going as josuke and okuyasu on saturday
I plan as cosplaying as Inosuke from demon slayer, this will be my first anime con so I'm super excited for this!
This is first con and I am very excited,, I am flying in from WA state; I'll be going for all three days, I know I'll be Kiri on Saturday since my friend is gonna be Bakubro on that day, I also have Bakugou as my female version and Jirou
If everything goes well I will be cosplay Jolyne Cujoh from Jojos Bizarre Aventure! I know a couple of people before me have asked this but does anyone know if there will be a jojo meet up?
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