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What is everyone Cosplaying as at MidWest

I'll be going as a Snom, yes the Pokemon. It's going to be a big one that I'll be able to crawl or slide around in, as well as walking normally. Whoever I meet at the convention or ones that takes a picture with I'll give you a Snom card to grow my Snom army. This is going to be very silly but hopefully really fun
Accidentally posted Snom twice, ignore this one or give it a boop
I will be going as Dave Miller from the Silver Eyes series of FNaF for all three days.
Saya Kisaragi from Blood the last dark, Maybe Nana too.
This is my first time attending Midwest, but I'm a semi-professional multi-contest winner cosplayer. I'm going to bring my Alucard from Hellsing and Kikyo from Inuyasha. I pick the characters based on how much I love the character themselves and want to represent my fandom to hopefully meet new friends, and how much I can challenge myself with creating their outfit. Kikyo is sooo comfortable to wear so she is my go-to for Sundays lol. If you haven't cosplayed before make sure you focus on comfort and find a way to incorporate pockets or a bag! Have fun!! :)
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