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What is everyone Cosplaying as at MidWest

Whew, I am excited and nervous for Mid-West Convention in Chicago this July it is my first time. I decided that I should cosplay and was hella lost at first. For all these professional cosplayers or just regular cosplayers, I would love to know your thought process on how you pick your characters. I have a pink hair obsession and pretty small petite frame. Many pick hair girls range from super petite or blessed in the chest. I would love to know everyone else's cosplay and if anyone else is going from Zero no Tsukaima? I am going as Louise and would like to see if I see any other fellow sisters cosplaying the same thing or in the same universe. Thank you <3
I will be cosplaying Gravelord Nito from Dark Souls, White Blood Cell from Cells at Work, and an original horror design named Juju (baaaad juju). I choose characters by a combination of love of the character/show, its popularity, how interesting the design is, how feasible the cosplay is to make, how fun it would be to roleplay that character, and sometimes my body type--but really, that one isn't as important to me. Don't feel limited! Cosplay music videos/con vids and browsing new shows can help with inspiration. I might have a preference for villains with big hair. It's fun to cackle and do action poses with heroes. Don't be too nervous--I'm sure it'll be a fun time for all. :)
This is my first time cosplaying. I think I am going to be Katakuri from One Piece. I am 6’2, he is a tall character. I think I can pull him off.
I'm going as Lunafreya, both wedding dress, kingsglaive, and her normal dress. Plus bringing a kimono for more casual stuff like raves or something
My costumes will be Pearl from Steven Universe (her brand new form and her "bad ass" form) and Kurapika from Hunter x Hunter. I'll be with my husband, and his plans are Maes Hughes from Full Metal Alchemist, his fursona Angel, and Leorio from Hunter x Hunter. He also mentioned maybe doing a fursona-based space fighter, but not sure about that. I'm going to be hoping for a Hunter x Hunter photoshoot this year, though! Two years ago when I last went to Anime Midwest, we ran into a bunch of cosplayers for that series, but there wasn't a meet up for it, just for YuYu Hakusho. So fingers crossed!
Hi everyone! I will be cosplaying as Silk (Marvel) and Mario (Super Mario Bros.) with my friend who is going as Venom and Luigi! Does anyone know the schedule for these cosplay meet ups?? Please let me know ASAP!
I will be cosplaying (Friday) Reimi Sugimoto from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, (Saturday) 2B from NieR Automata, and (Sunday) Rin from Catherine: Full Body
I've got Skull grunt from Pokemon for Friday (all day) and part of Saturday. And then the rest of Saturday and Sunday, I'm gonna be in Nyo England from Hetalia. ^^
gonna be Deku from My Hero Academia and MAYBE Shouto if I have the will to change XD
I'm going as Prussia from Hetalia in casual clothes. I will also have a flag. My friend is going as the black lion from Voltron.
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