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Hello! My name is scarlett and I am a chicago native, I would love to help you navigate chicago. I am 21 and their are so many fun things to do. I sent you a friend request on discord TheMhadd#6824
Jun 04, 22 at 2:58pm
Hi, I am Nicolas and I am gonna be attending the Midwest this year. I have never been to Chicago before (this is my first time going to the US) and I would love to have some people to meet at the convention. I have no clue what to expect and having some people that are a bit more familiar with it would be amazing! Please message me via Vermillion#2464 on discord. Thank you and I am very much looking forward to meeting you guys! :D (I am 28, male and come from switzerland)
where did you buy the maid cafe tickets?
Jun 07, 22 at 12:00pm
Hi all! I have a group of friends and I that have bought maid cafe tickets for this year for Anime Midwest. None of us have ever been to the maid cafe before and I was wondering if we have to make a reservation for a specific time? If so, where would we do that? I was also wondering if we have to spend extra money once we are actually there on the items or if that is included in the 15$ ticket? Thanks!
sure, I love games
I plan on bringing some board games with to Midwest. I love teaching games to new people. Would anyone want to meet up and learn?
First day I’m doing UA cheerleader with a friend, second day haikyuu kurasino team, specifically hinata number and shoes, and third day scout regiment. I’ll be like members for each so I won’t be changing my hair, it’s probably going to have a bow or two. I wanted to do bakugo but I’m saving it for Comic-Con.
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