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‘Hypnosis Microphone’ is the Most Popular Voice Actor Account in Twitter JapanDec 6, 9pm

The official Twitter Japan account posted on Tuesday the official Twitter account of the Hypnosis Microphone franchise is the most popular voice actor account. Although the follower count is that as many as the other leading franchises, it lately was the most engaged account for Japanese Twitter users.

A Kemono Friends Credit Card is Now Offered by VISADec 1, 2pm

A new VISA card design has been released featuring an illustration of Serval and Mirai from the “Kemono Friends” franchise. Illustrated by the franchise's concept designer Mine Yoshizaki, the cards have been offered by the Sumitomo Mitsui Card Company since November 30.

Pop Team Epic Takes on Smart Phone Gacha GamingNov 30, 5am

The parody series “Pop Team Epic” is now entering the world of smartphone gaming with a newly released gacha game. Titled as “Takeshobo Quest: Pop Team Epic Assaults”, it is a self-described "crappy app" that is available for Android and iOS smartphones.

Top 5 Manga to Check Out This WeekNov 25, 7pm

There are all kinds of manga to choose from, and most times, we judge them by either how the cover looks, the summary or what about it matches our tastes. Here are some manga works under the category of either fantasy and/or comedy as suggestions for what you could read if you ever feel the need for these genres.
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Crossover Game ‘Jump Force’ Releases First TV Ad! Nov 20, 1am

The first TV commercial of the highly anticipated crossover game Jump Force was uploaded on Monday on Bandai Namco Entertainment’s official Youtube channel. The commercial features the character Goku, Luffy, and Naruto in a ruined New York City.

Funimation Releases New Visuals for Upcoming ‘Fruits Basket’ 2019 AnimeNov 20, 1am

Funimation released two new visuals of the upcoming Fruits Basket 2019 anime adaptation on Monday. The first picture (above) shows Tohru and the Sohmas in human form while the 2nd visual (below) shows Tohru and the Sohmas in their animal form.

First Episode Impression: "Double Decker! Doug & Kirill"Nov 19, 11am

Synopsis In the city state of Lisvalletta, crime and illegal drugs run rampant in its shadows. One of the most prominent of drugs is the dangerous and highly substance known as “Anthem.” for those who take this drug become beings that are barely human and cause destruction wherever they go.

‘Sailor Moon Stars’ Anime Series is Finally Coming to Home Video in Spring 2019!Nov 18, 9pm

The first North American release of the first half season of Sailor Moon Sailor Stars is confirmed for release in Spring 2019. This big announcement was released by VIZ Media during the Sailor Moon panel that happened on the Anime NYC weekend.

2nd Visual and Full Trailer Released for ‘Love Live! Sunshine!!’ Anime FilmNov 18, 9pm

Love Live. Sunshine.. fans get ready for more hype. The full trailer of the upcoming anime film of the Love Live. Sunshine.. franchise titled Love Live. Shunshine.. The School Idol Movie Over the Rainbow was uploaded on the anime franchise’s official website on Sunday.

A Fun Spooky Kid Adventure: "After School Midnighters"Nov 18, 6pm

Synopsis In the St. Claire Elementary, there are many strange legends to be found and three girls named Mako, Miko and Mutsuko have come to visit it. During their visit, they have an abrupt encounter a human body anatomy model named Kunstrijk and Goth the skeleton model.

First Episode Impression: "Sora to Umi no Aida"Nov 18, 11am

Synopsis Set during the future in Onomichi, the Hiroshima fish have disappeared from the seas and now only the whales. To address this issue, the Ministry of Fishery decides to set up giant experimental Universe Fish Tanks in space.

The English Dub Cast for Megalo Box is ConfirmedNov 18, 9am

Different announcements were made at Anime NYC; one of them was of the lead English dub cast for the “Megalo Box” anime by Viz Media. “Megalo Box” is a sci-fi sports series that was released in spring under the production of TMS Entertainment.

A Special Episode for the Cells at Work! Anime Arrives in DecemberNov 18, 8am

The adventures of “Cells at Work.” continues as a special episode is announced and set to premiere in December of 2018. Titled as "Common Cold Syndrome", it will be featuring a Normal Cell who has grown tired of his daily work (cell division).

A Lacking Fantasy Work: "Mari Iyagi" Nov 18, 3am

Synopsis One day, an office worker named Nam-woo receives a package from childhood friend Jun-ho. This leads him to reminisce to their last summer together at the small fishing village that was their hometown and just before Jun-ho left for boarding school in Seoul.
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