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According to Fans, These 5 Anime have the Most Annoying Fanbases

With thousands of critics emerging, seemingly everyday, it is somehow difficult to be a fan of anime films or series nowadays. One of the most challenging parts is the toxic fandoms, you most commonly encounter online, ready to start an argument at the drop of a hat.

Best Female Lead Anime on Netflix

In a predominantly male-dominated culture and genre, anime tends to over-represent and favor action-packed adventures of male protagonists discovering their true strengths. As a result, excellent anime featuring female characters can be challenging to locate.

Top 10 Anime Villains We Love to Hate

Anime characters are fantastic, aren’t they. They provide us endless hours of entertainment, exceptionally cool visuals, and somehow manage to make us connect with them on an emotional level. With anime characters, you either absolutely adore them or detest them with every neuron in your body.

Top 10 Anime Characters That Were Ruined By Their Sequels

Just a few of the truly fantastic characters in anime history include Kamado Tanjiro, Edward Elric, and Monkey D. Luffy. As these characters and their stories develop and alter throughout their respective shows, viewers become fascinated with them.
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Anime News

'Kimi no Na wa' is Now Japan's 4th Highest-Grossing Movie of All Time!Dec 13, 16 10pm

As of Monday and during its 108th day of screening, Makoto Shinkai's successful anime movie to date, Kimi no Na wa has surpassed the ticket sales of the first Harry Potter movie which was at 20.3 billion yen.

A Special Screening Event for Anime "Nanbaka" on April 29Dec 13, 16 9am

A special event celebration is to take place at the Tokyo's Shinagawa Stellar Ball venue on April 29 following TV anime action comedy on four inmates sending their days in an impenetrable prison entitled “Nanbaka”.

Anime Adaptation for 'A Centaur's Life' Manga in the WorksDec 12, 16 11pm

A Centaur's Life (or Centaur no Nayami or A Centaur's Worries) is a manga series created by Kei Murayama. Its first chapter was published in 2010 in Tokuma Shoten's Monthly Comic Ryu and is still ongoing.

Pokemon GO Adds More Johto Pokemon, Pichu and Togepi Now Added!Dec 12, 16 11pm

The long wait is finally over. The official Pokemon GO website has already confirmed that "several new Pokemon" as well as Pichu and Togepi have been added to the game's latest update. With that said, we now have a better reason to go back into the game to catch them all.

'Kizudarake no Akuma' Live-Action Film Trailer and Theme Song Preview Released!Dec 12, 16 10pm

Volvox Sumikawa's Kizudarake no Akuma (Demon Covered in Scars) manga will have a live-action film adaptation slated to be released in Japan on February 4 next year. Santa Yamagishi will be the director for this film.

'Kaichō wa Meido-sama!' Manga to return with Special Chapter in FebruaryDec 12, 16 9pm

In his twitter account, manga artist Hiro Fujiwara announced that his hit shoujo romance manga series Kaichō wa Meido-sama. (The class president is a maid.) will return in February next year on a special chapter.

New 'Wake Up, Girls!' TV Anime Now Green-Lit!Dec 12, 16 11am

In the recent Wake Up, Girls. Festa 2016 Super Live event on Sunday, it was officially announced that a new Wake Up, Girls. TV anime is now green-lit and slated for a 2017 release. You can check out the official trailer for the anime below: The first television anime was aired in Japan in January 2014 with a very limited release in theaters.

Soccer Anime Series 'DAYS' Gets a Sequel!Dec 12, 16 9am

More soccer anime action is coming your way this 2017 as the anime series DAYS is getting a second season. This was recently announced in the 2017 Weekly Shonen Magazine's combined second and third issue.

'Sakurada Reset' Trailer and Theme Song Preview Released!Dec 11, 16 11pm

Yutaka Kono's teen science-fiction/fantasy light novel series Sakurada Reset is getting live action movie adaptations slated for March 25 (first film titled Kako o Torimodosu - Zenpen) and May 13 (second film titled Mirai o Inoru - Kohen) premiere dates in Japan.

Anime Feature Films to Watch this YearDec 11, 16 9am

Each year there is always an anime feature film or two that impacts anime fans everywhere whether it be fantastical and filled with adventure or emotionally packed and set within a simple place, anime films always leave their mark.
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