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According to Fans, These 5 Anime have the Most Annoying Fanbases

With thousands of critics emerging, seemingly everyday, it is somehow difficult to be a fan of anime films or series nowadays. One of the most challenging parts is the toxic fandoms, you most commonly encounter online, ready to start an argument at the drop of a hat.

10 Anime Characters Who Deserve Defeat

In the world of anime and just about any other story, it's common to have a protagonist and an antagonist. As the viewer, we're to follow the protagonist throughout their journey in hopes of a well-deserved victory.

Best Female Lead Anime on Netflix

In a predominantly male-dominated culture and genre, anime tends to over-represent and favor action-packed adventures of male protagonists discovering their true strengths. As a result, excellent anime featuring female characters can be challenging to locate.

Top 10 Anime Villains We Love to Hate

Anime characters are fantastic, aren’t they. They provide us endless hours of entertainment, exceptionally cool visuals, and somehow manage to make us connect with them on an emotional level. With anime characters, you either absolutely adore them or detest them with every neuron in your body.
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Anime News

First Season of ‘The Promised Neverland’, ‘Children of the Sea’, and Satoshi Kon’s ‘Millennium Actress’ to be Released on Blu-RayAug 14, 20 12am

Here’s some news for those who love to collect Collector Blu-Ray’s. In an online anime panel under the “Reed Pop Metaverse” event, Anime Limited announced that they will be releasing three titles for Collector’s Blu-Rays.

Three “No Game No Life” Light Novels Now Banned in Australia Because of “Sexually-Explicit Content”Aug 12, 20 4am

Some sad bit of news for our friends from the Land Down Under: the Australian Classification Board gave the 1st, 2nd, and 9th volumes of Yuu Kamiya’s No Game, No Life a “refused classification” mark, effectively banning the importation and sale of these three volumes.

New Visual, Theme Song Artists, Oct. 3 Debut Revealed for “Iwa-Kakeru! Sports Climbing Girls” TV AnimeAug 12, 20 3am

The official website of wall-climbing-themed TV anime series Iwa-Kakeru. – Sports Climbing Girls – has revealed a new official visual this Wednesday. Check it out below. The website also announced the artists who will perform its main theme songs.

Theme Song Performers Revealed for Upcoming TV Anime “Jujutsu Kaisen” Aug 11, 20 5am

This year’s 36th and 37th combined Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, which is out in stores this Tuesday, announced the artists who will be performing the theme songs to the upcoming TV anime adaptation of Gege Akutami’s Jujutsu Kaisen (lit.

First Trailer Revealed for Anime Film “Child of Kamiari Month” Aug 11, 20 5am

A first full trailer was recently unveiled for the Child of Kamiari Month (Kamiari no Kodomo) anime film last Saturday. You can check out the trailer here. The film was supposedly set for a release this year, but the COVID-19 pandemic pushed the film’s release to 2021.

Boys-Love Film “Umibe no Étranger” Unveils Full Trailer and New Main VisualAug 11, 20 4am

The official website of the Umibe no Étranger (L'étranger du Plage or Stranger on the Beach) boys-love film has just revealed the movie’s first full trailer last Thursday. The trailer also previews the movie’s theme song, Zokkon (From the Bottom of My Heart), written and performed by four-member band MONO NO AWARE.

Kyoto Animation Returns for Season 2 of “Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid”, Set for 2021 PremiereAug 11, 20 4am

Good news to those who have been waiting long and hard for the new Kobayashi season, as we now have a release window for the series.

New Visual Revealed for “The Promised Neverland” Season 2!Aug 11, 20 4am

More The Promised Neverland news this week—the official website of the TV anime series has unveiled this Tuesday the first teaser visual for the series’ upcoming second season. Check it out below: The second season was initially slated for an October 2020 premiere, but was delayed due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Teaser Video & Poster Revealed for “The Promised Neverland” Live-Action MovieAug 10, 20 5am

Last week, the first teaser poster and video were revealed for the upcoming live-action film adaptation of The Promised Neverland series. Check out the teaser video here. Below is the teaser poster, which features all the cast as well as the Grace Field House Numbering of each child.

Story Creator, Writer of “Act-Age” Manga Arrested Due to Indecent Act on Minor, Shueisha Cancels SeriesAug 10, 20 4am

NHK reported this Saturday that the creator and story writer of popular Shonen Jump series act-age, Tatsuya Matsuki, has been arrested by police after committing an indecent act on a female high school student.
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