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Needless [TV]

Plot Summary

Set in the near future, year 2150, Japan. 50 years after the official end of World War III, battles still persist in the war-torn country, and have produced completely unexpected results. Mysterious large “Black Spots” have spread across the land, containing many cities and other residential areas. Unfortunate civilians were trapped inside in order to stop possible further contamination. Over time, these people started to mutate, gaining different powers and later came to be known as the Needless.

The story follows Adam Blade, a remarkable Needless bestowed with the ability of enhanced regeneration and superhuman strength. Together with his trusted allies, they must stop the evil group known as Simeon, and finally restore peace in their dying country.

About the Show

Needless is an anime adaptation of the action-comedy manga series by Kami Imai. Produced by studio Madhouse, the series aired a total of 24 episodes between July 2, 2009 and December 10, 2009.

Season Summary

Episode 1: Adam Blade
Cruz Schild survives an encounter with a Testament after Adam Blade rescues him, and takes him to their headquarters. However, Cruz runs away after being scolded by Eve Neuschwanstein. Cruz is nearly killed, after the Simeon Tower sent Kafka to kill him. Adam and Eve defeats Kafka using their respective fragments.

Episode 2: Eve Neuschwanstein
Cruz and Eve are attacked by the magician Uten, one of Simeon Tower’s elite members. Thanks to Cruz’ keen observation, Eve manages to overcome Uten’s tricks.

Episode 3: Momiji Teruyama
Adam is engaged in a heated duel against Momiji Teruyama, after the latter declared that he is on a mission to kill a man named “Adam”. However, everything turned out to be a misunderstanding, as his real target was Adam Arclight, and not Adam Blade.

Episode 4: Iron Mountain
Arclight orders the Simeon Girl Squadron to capture Blade, so that he may replace his weak body with Blade’s. Meanwhile, Teruyama with The Misfits head to Iron Mountain, to gain information about Arclight from a secret informant.

Episode 5: Simeon Girl Squadron
The Simeon Girl Squadron finds Blade and his gang at Iron Mountain, and engages them in battle. Amidst the battle, Eve ends up becoming a hostage.

Episode 6: Goldy Locks
Eve somehow manages to temporarily escape from the Simeon Girl Squadron, and lures them to a mansion set with traps. The chase ends with the four girls being launched to the sky with a canon. Later, Arclight appears on a massive screen, and orders the citizen to attend an inaugural even at Simeon Tower.

Episode 7: Adam Arclight
Blade meets Arclight for the first time, after the latter tried to apprehend two children.

Episode 8: Riru Roukakuji
Blade and Arclight engage in head-to-head battle, while citizens around the Simeon Tower watch. Everyone is trapped in the vicinity by Riru, a member of Simeon Tower’s elite. Blade is then lured into a room where he will fight the Simeon Girl Squadron alone.

Episode 9: Shelter No. 3
The Misfits hack a Testament in order to infiltrate the tower and help Blade.

Episode 10: Set & Solva
Blade meets Set and Solva after the bus they were riding was robbed by two armed bandits.

Episode 11: Black Attraction
The Simeon Girl Squadron is defeated after fighting The Misfits, and releases Eve from their captivity. Eve drilled a hole into Blade’s chest, and was revealed that her mind was under control by the enemy. The Misfits attempt to save Eve, so that she may switch bodies with Blade and heal his body.

Episode 12: Kurumi
Eve still remains controlled, even after Kurumi was killed.

Episode 13: Byakugou
Moments before the Simeon Girl Squadron could finally kill her, Blade gains the ability to control minds with the help of the Byakugou. With his new ability, he returns Eve to normal, and takes on the Simeon Girl Squadron singlehandedly.

Episode 14: Lilith Temptation
Kuchinashi successfully disables The Misfits through an illusion, except Blade, Disc, and Cruz. Before Blade could finish off another from the Simeon Girl Squadron, Saten intervenes.

Episode 15: Fourth Wave
The Simeon Girl Squadron escape while Saten holds The Misfits in battle. Another Simeon Tower elite arrives to fight the rest of The Misfits, while Saten handles Blade and Eve. Meanwhile, Cruz tries to find their enemy’s weakness.

Episode 16: Aruka Schild
The masked woman’s face is revealed, and turns out to be Cruz’ long lost sister. She has been working as a spy for Arclight, and nearly kills Cruz if not for Blade.

Episode 17: Resistance
Cruz sees a flashback of his experience with The Resistance, and how her sister betrayed her.

Episode 18: Agni Schiwatas
The battle between The Misfits and the Simeon Tower elite continues, while Cruz lies in a comatose state. Blade finally figures out how Saten and Aruka’s ability work, successfully landing a giant electrical fireball at the latter.

Episode 19: Positive Feedback Zero
Arclight reveals his identity and goal. Blade attempts to attack Arclight, but does not manage to land a hit. After being fatally hit, Blade manages to use his Byakugou, causing Arclight’s memories to be projected on the screen.

Episode 20: A – B
It is revealed that Arclight and Blade were a result of artificial development. Arclight, being deemed a failure, was dumped on a landfill, but managed to survive. On the other hand, Blade was declared a success and was introduced to Eve.

Episode 21: A – A
Arclight returns to the laboratory and eliminates the guards and engineers. Blade protects Eve from Arclight. After Arclight fused with the “Second”, the laboratory is destroyed in an explosion.

Episode 22: The Triple Six Committee
Blade and Arclight continue to fight. Meanwhile, Saten gains immense power and kills the Triple Six Committee. Saten takes Arclight, and bursts him into flames.

Episode 23: Saten
Saten assumes leadership of the Simeon Tower, and forcefully takes Eve as his bride-to-be. Everyone turns against him, but he was too powerful to be defeated. Arclight was revived, and destroys Saten.

Episode 24: Cruz Schild
Arclight is reborn as the “Second”, and wishes to destroy the world in order to create a new one. The Misfits and Simeon Girl Squadron then work together, to fight their final enemy.

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