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Maburaho [TV]

Plot Summary

Everyone is born with the ability to use magic in the world of Maburaho and is thus labeled magicians. However, the magical prowess of each person is not equal. The number of times you can use magic is based on someone’s respect and one’s magical power is determined at birth by genetics, so only those who came from a famous bloodline are given importance.

In Aoi Academy student Kazuki Shikimori, a student with the lowest magic powers, is being teased by his classmates and treated like his useless. But being sought after by three different young women: Yuna Miyama, a transfer student who proclaims herself as his wife, Rin Kamishiro, a prideful swordswoman of a traditional family who wants to eliminate him for her to be freed from pursuing her desires, and Kuriko Kazetsubaki, a member of a rich family that only wants him for his genes.

About the show

It was produced in 2003 by J.C. Staff and broadcast on the Japanese network, WOWOW. It consist 24 episodes. Was first aired on October 14, 2003 with the episode “They Came…” and concluded on April 6, 2004 with the episode "It Was Over…”.

Season Summary

Episode 1: “They Came…”
Kazuki Shikomori have the lowest magic reserve, he is only allowed to use his magic 8 times but on the good side, he is being chased by girls to obtain his gene and to create the most powerful magician in the world.

Episode 2: “It Fell…”
Kazuki found out that he is only chase by girls because of his unique genes. A girl named Yuna reminded him of his past where she promised her that she is going to be his wife someday. Kazuki used his magic to create snow for Yuna, Kuriko and Rin found out that he can really use powerful magic despite the limit in using his magic.

Episode 3: “It Appeared…"
A ghost appeared in Kazuki’s room demanding things from Yuna and Kazuki. Due to Kazuki’s betraying the ghost promise she took Yuna into a Void where she made it look like she’s torturing her, Kazuki uses his power to get her back. Kuriko’s mother and the ghost looked alike. Kazuki’s power reduce to six.

Episode 4: “I Saw It…”
A nightmare struck Kazuki, in his dream he is being attacked by a behemoth, Meanwhile, Dr. Akai, the school doctor is also raising a behemoth, Kazuki and the behemoth fought each other, but Nakamaru, who is also raising one, was attacked. Kazuki uses his power to save her. His power reduce to five.

Episode 5: “She Made It…”
Rin has a crush on the biology club president, who is planning to transfer to other school, as Rin wants to give him something before leaving the others helped her to make one, they made a meal for him. But Rin dropped the food accidentally while she stumbles. Kazuki uses his magic to save Rin from falling. In the end Kazuki ate the meal despite of its terrible look.

Episode 6: “We Were Found Out…”
The parent of Kazuki are coming to give him a visit, upon knowing that the girls made an effort to look nice and have a good impression from them. Rin watched a video on how to properly behave during the visit while Kuriko cooked an eel which a favorite item of Kazuki’s parents but in the end they cancelled their visit.

Episode 7: “We Met…”
Aoi Festival has come, Kazuki’s class and Yamase had done nothing to prepare. Yamase offered him a solution for their problem. They made a join play performance, but during the festival the Class B summons a monster accidentally that gone uncontrollable, Kazuki uses his power which made it drop to three by saving Yamase.

Episode 8: “Gone and Done It…”
Kazuki met a boy who stole three necklaces from a woman named Yukihiko Nakamaru that got them into a dire situation. Kazuki collapsed trying to protect the young boy.

Episode 9: “He Used It…”
The three girls planned to increase Kazuki’s magic power count, Kuriko lured him into a Spa that’s supposed to increase one’s magic power. But they end up playing baseball against a team from hell, if they win Kazuki’s power count will increase but if they lose one of them must stay in hell for all eternity.

Episode 10: “It Was Spent…”
The three girls planned another attempt to increase Kazuki’s magic count, they searched for a mysterious blue magatama that could mend Kazuki’s problem. The magatama belongs to a girl with a terrible luck.

Episode 11: “I Opened It…”
Dr. Akai the father of Yuna gave her vials that are supposed to help Kazuki regarding his problem in magic power, but instead Yuna accidentally released a pathogen that copied her looks. Kazuki fought the Dark Yuna and successfully defeated it. His magic power count decreased to two.

Episode 12: “He Disappeared…”
Yuna has become infected by a disease that could turn her to ash if her magic power is gone. Kazuki tried to save her, but the first attempt failed, he tried a second one. But it made Kazuki into a ghost.

Episode 13: “He Came Back…”
The girls finds a way to get Kazuki’s body back, they collected his ashes. Meanwhile, Kazuki met an enigmatic girl below a Maple tree. The enigmatic girl tries to deceive him by asking the direction to the old building. She wants to add him into her collection of ghost.

Episode 14: “We Were Trapped…”
Yuna, Kuriko, and Rin followed Kazuki to the ghost collector house, they encountered many traps. Dr. Akai also entered the house and realizes that it was her sister Shino. Shino now takes care of the girls and Kazuki.

Episode 15: “He Ascended…”
The master of Rin shows up a commanding her to go back since Kazuki is now a ghost. But Rin insisted that she is now engaged with him, to prove that he’s good enough for her. Rin’s master fought both of them, but it ended soon because Rin’s master collapsed due to old age.

Episode 16: “We Snooped…”
Elizabeth is looking for Kuriko since she’s absent from many council meetings, She asked Yuna and Kazuki to look for her. They saw her dating someone who have an evil plan, without them knowing what Kuriko’s reason they messed up her mission which made her angry.

Episode 17: “They Decided…”
Nakamaru’s gene was revealed to be special, Kazesubaki Family and the Kamishiro Clan change their plans in getting the genes of Kazuki which forced the girls to leave his side. Kazuki felt sad and weak. The three girls got so attached to him that it made leaving him hard. But one day, news came from Dr. Akai that Nakamaru’s gene is not special.

Episode 18: “They Set It Up… Ya See”
Matsuda and Nakamaru arranged a fight between Rin and Sayumi who is both skilled in their forte. Rin’s forte is sword mastery while Sayumi is Fist. After the fight ends, they raced around the track to know the winner but a group of monks participated and won the race which dumps Nakamaru and Matuda’s Plan.

Episode 19: “He Changed… Ya See”
Yuna, Kuriko, Rin and Yamase got horny, and leaned towards Kazuki. The girls compared the size of their breast while showring. They all set up a date but Shino was tailing them, when Yamase cheated and brought Kazuki to the forest Shino intervene and made Kazuki into a complete ghost. But Shino got restrained by Rin while Yuna and Yamase saved Kazuki. They collected as much of his ashes to return him back.

Episode 20: “She Delivered It…”
Kazuki’s Land lady name Karei Hirosaki attempted to give Yuna her lunch box, she told her a story where they all first met Kazuki.

Episode 21: “He Was Lit Up…”
Kazuki’s ashes was planned to be returned by Kuriko but her sister told that she’s going to travel to New York, and needs to attend her family’s Cinderella Party. Kuriko decided to bring Kazuki with her, and completely forgot about returning his ashes. But in the end she was able to do so, making Kazuki closer to being human again.

Episode 22: "He Kept It…”
Rin Kashimiro is a bit unsure about what will happen to Kazuki if she returns his ashes. Kuriko, planned to get them both at a date but Rin got so scared of Kazuki having to forget them if she returns his ashes, but in the end Rin demanded him not to forget them and returns his ashes which made Kazuki collapsed due to pain.

Episode 23: “We Were Seen…”
In their search for Kazuki’s final ashes, they looked for the one who is responsible of holding the rest of his ashes; they looked for it by entering Kazuki’s mind.

Episode 24: “It Ended…”
Trap in a dilemma of returning all of the ashes of Kazuki but having him forget all of his memory and having to get all the ashes from Kazuki’s body but keeping him in being a ghost. The three girls and Dr. Akai decided to give him his ashes back. But it made a new issue, Kazuki multiplied into many copies of him.

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