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Hidamari Sketch x 365 [TV]

Hidamari Sketch x 365
Plot Summary

Yuno, a young girl with a dream to become an artist, is finally accepted into her dream school Yamabuki Art High School. Despite knowing that she will be leaving her family to attend school, Yuno is comforted by the fact that she will be staying at the Hidamari Apartments, where fellow art enthusiasts also live.
After passing her entrance exam, Yuno enrols at Yamabuki High School as part of an art degree. She stays at the Hidamari Apartments along with best friend Miyako, and seniors Hiro and Sae. Each episode follows a day in her life as she mingles with her friends, close peers, overly hyper teachers and closely follows the mundane lives of the high school girls. (Note: This season also takes place in Yuno’s first year at high school, and overlaps with season one of the show)
(Source: ANN)

About the Show

Hidamari Sketch x 365 is the second season to the anime series Hidamari Sketch. Produced by studio Shaft, the series aired a total of 13 episodes (plus 1 OVA) between July 3, 2008 and September 25, 2008.


Yuno is the main character of the series, and the story is told through her viewpoint. She is a short young girl with light brown hair, which is usually adorned with a pair of x-shaped hair pins. Despite her excellent skills as an artist, Yuno has a low self-esteem and confidence. However, this attitude pushes her to seek self-improvement, usually by seeking for advice from her friends in the apartment. Aside from her talent in the arts, she is shown to be knowledgeable in cooking.

Classmate and best friend of Yuno, Miyako is a young girl that lives in room 202. She has a short blonde hair, similar to her eye’s color. Miyako is from a poor family, which is why she lives in a cheaper room compared to the other residents of the apartment. No matter, she is a very outgoing and active person, paired with a voracious appetite. Miyako is fond of teasing her friends, particularly Yuno and Hiro. Talented and quick in learning new skills, Miyako is not only an artist, but is also a strong and athletic girl.

Hiro is a year older than Miyako and Yuno, and lives in room 101 right below Yuno’s. She has a curly, double bun, salmon colored hair. She is very supportive of her best friend Sae, who she makes sure is fed and morally supported. Hiro is also supportive of the younger girls, helping them whenever she can. She loves eating sweets, which prompts the mischievous Miyako to tease her about her weight.

Sae is Hiro’s best friend, and lives in room 102. She is a professional writer, particularly about fiction and dons the pseudonym “Aya Tachibana”. She has enrolled at Yamabuki Arts High School so she can learn to illustrate her works. Sae can be seen blushing when telling her non-existent love story, or when Hiro expresses her affection for her. She can be playful at times, but usually displays a mature demeanor.

Season Summary

Episode 1: Ume-sensei, Nice to Meet You!
Yuno, accompanied by her mother, go to the Yamabuki Art High School to take the entrance exam. She had always wanted to study at Yamabuki, and she had been finally accepted. Yuno then settles in the Himadari Apartment, where she meets her new friends.

Episode 2: February 6: Cherry Blossom, Cherry Blossom
Chika, Sae’s younger sister, passes her high school entrance exam. Meanwhile, the girls recall their own entrance exams a year ago.

Episode 3: May 27: Koma Monster
Yuno and Miyako ride a train to a Shinto shrine near Iwakaba, as per suggestion of their teacher Noshinoya. They then enjoy their trip together by drawing the beautiful landscape.

Episode 4: March 16−23: Mild Tuna Flavor
Out of nowhere, a stray cat suddenly lives in Miyako’s room. However, the cat disappears a few days later, which made Yuno cry. Later that night, Yuno prepares for the coming cultural festival.

Episode 5: March 25: Congratulations, Chika
After visiting her sister at the Himadari Apartments, Chika goes and enjoys dumplings with her friends. They later decide to go and do karaoke, only to find out that the establishment they wanted to visit had already closed. They then opt to relax at a local bathhouse, where they meet Yoshinoya, Yuno’s teacher. Chika and her friends, together with Yoshinoya, enjoy their time at the bathhouse by singing different songs.

Episode 6: July 30: Saeta
Sae confronts Natsume in an attempt to keep her profession a secret. Afterwards, Sae meets with her editor in a café, and tries to finish her novel. Later, Sae interviews her friends about their romantic experiences, as she needed some inspiration for her romantic novel. The following day, Sae and Hiro compete in a cooking class, where the latter displays her mastery in cooking.

Episode 7: April 7: The Entrance Ceremony and Welcome Party
Yuno, together with Miyako, attend their school’s entrance ceremony. Miyako falls asleep due to to the principal’s long and boring speech. Meanwhile, Hiro and Sae plan with their landlady to make a surprise welcome party for the new tenants.

Episode 8: October 13: King of the Hill
Yuno’s class enjoy a friendly competition during their school’s sports festival.

Episode 9: August 5: No Rest for Summer Break
Yoshinoya has to remain and finish the remaining school work under the principal’s watch, much to her annoyance. Instead of doing her work, Yoshinoya decides to take photos of herself which she will later use for postcards to her students. Natsume was then asked by Yoshinoya to send some postcards at the Hidamari apartment. Meanwhile, the girls go out and enjoy a movie made by a director who previously studied at Yamabuki Art High School.

Episode 10: June 8: Round Carrot
Yuno’s parents makes a surprise visit at her apartment.

Episode 11: September 28: The Mystery of Pants
Yuno makes onigiri bento for Miyako and herself. During lunchtime, Yuno sneaks into their school’s rooftop, and falls asleep. Later, Yuno and her friends begin to notice that Hiro is missing. Yuno finds her later in the dressing room unconscious, and they come to the conclusion that Hiro had stopped eating in order to fit in a particular pair of pants.

Episode 12: July 7: Don’t Look at It
The best friends Sae and Hiro gets into a disagreement, and both become antagonistic toward each other. Yuno and Miyako immediately notice the tension between them, and decides to try and restore their friendship. Fortunately, Sae and Hiro finally arrives at good terms, after the former apologized. Later, the girls celebrate Tanabata after their landlady received bamboo plants.

Episode 13: January 10: Welcome back! Ume-sensei!
After a relaxing vacation at her hometown, Yuno returns to the Hidamari Apartments. The girls then discuss what they did during the winter break. Later, they go and visit a temple together with Yoshinoya.

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