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Heroic Age [TV]

Heroic Age
Plot Summary

A futuristic anime wherein the Golden Tribe/Race invites others with them in the stars. They shared their knowledge to the Silver, Bronze and Heroic Tribes. But before leaving the current galaxy they were in, they met a fourth race they now call as the Iron Tribe, a tribe of humans with great accomplishments.

The Silver Tribe believed that the Iron Tribe and together with the Bronze Tribe, wreaked havoc against the humans. Fortunately, humanity survived and they made the decision to scatter and somehow preserve their race.

Princess Dhianeila, heeding to a prophecy left by the Golden Tribe, journeys to search for the savior of humankind. She then meets a wild-haired boy – a person who will contribute to the fate of the universe.

About the Show

Heroic Age is an anime written by Tow Ubukata. It was produced by the studio XEBEC under the direction of Takashi Noto with a total of 26 episodes that aired from April 1, 2007 until September 30, 2007. The first five episodes has a narrative about the different Tribe.

Season Summary

Episode 1: “The Ruined Planet”
When the Iron Tribe gets threatened with extinction, their princess Dhianeila went off to search for the being that will become their savior. They reach a ruined planet and encounter a boy who calls himself Age. They soon get attacked by the Bronze Tribe but luckily for them, they also get to witness the power of their savior.

Episode 2: “The Forgotten Child”
Age is then invited to go on the Argonaut. A ceremony gets held in his honor, but Age ruins it with his wild behavior. Soon after, they get attacked by the Bronze Tribe again.

Episode 3: “The Heroic Tribe”
Age gets taught about the human’s history and he also gets a makeover. The ship soon gets attacked. A member of the Silver Tribe gets involved in the battle.

Episode 4: “The Planet Titarros”
Still under pursuit from the Silver Tribe, the ship tries to get supplies from the planet of Titarros. Iolaous and Age travel onto the planet to avoid attention from the planet’s inhabitants. Age discovers another Nodos, Karkinos, and the latter invites Age to join them.

Episode 5: “The Nodos”
The Bronze Tribe attacks both the Argonaut and the planet Titarros. Age then summons Bellcross to destroy the Bronze Tribe’s nest.

Episode 6: “The Cemetery Belt”
Following the incident that happened at Titarros, the other planets, fearing the Silver Tribe, no longer wants the Argonaut to enter their territories. Because of this, the Argonaut has no other choice but to follow the princess’ directions to have faith in Age.

Episode 7: “The Agreement”
As the battle between Age and Karkinos continues, Mehitak reveals his Heroic Tribe form. The Argonaut, together with Iolaous and the others, leaves the battlefield, leaving Age to face the two enemies Nodos alone. Argonaut gets attacked again but had help from Captain Mobeedo’s past.

Episode 8: “The Flashing Nodos”
The ship continues to escape from the Silver Tribe while Azz-Azoth fleet helps them. Unfortunately, Mehitak appears again and shows more tricks. When the Silver Tribe finally traps the ship, the princess is forced to take action, putting herself in danger for the sake of the ship’s crew.

Episode 9: “The Return”
Age gains the upper hand in his fight against Karkinos and their fight then ends. Yuty orders Artemia to go assist Karkinos when he realized that the latter is in trouble. During this, a coded message containing the coordinates of a secret stairway is received by the ship.

Episode 10: “The Hero of Solitude”
A meeting to declare war against the Silver Tribe commences. Dhianeila’s older brother, Meleagros, plans to use Age. Meanwhile, orders to wipe out the entire Iron Tribe is given by the Silver Tribe.

Episode 11: “The Star of Brilliance”
Dhianeila puts on a happy persona to not worry the others. Meanwhile, a future drawing on the Althaea gets drawn by Age, something Meleagros plans to use. Karkinos, Mehitak and Lekty are sent by the Silver Tribe to destroy Age and the Iron Tribe.

Episode 12: “The Torch of Destruction”
During the battle between the tribes, Age is made as the primary weapon of the Iron Tribe by Meleagros and Atalantes. Io’s destruction is ordered in an effort to defeat the Silver Tribe. Jupiter gets ignited as Io crashes onto it. Unfortunately, the Silver Tribe creates a barrier in time and pushes the flares back. Jupiter explodes and is turned into a burning ball of plasma. The burning plasma destroys a most of the Iron Tribe’s front lines. Amidst this, Lekty joins the fight between Age and Karkinos.

Episode 13: “The Battle in the Space-Time Continuum”
Lekty summons Erymanthos and then uses time manipulation to find an opening to take out Age. Meanwhile, the Calydonian fleet is ordered by Meleagros to advance to Mars. Intending to help, the Argonaut arrives.

Episode 14: “The Raging One”
Age, as Bellcross, enters into a state of mental chaos and went berserk against Karkinos. Meanwhile, believing that his fleet is invincible, Meleagros continued to push forward but gets surrounded. As the out of control Age threatens to destroy both tribes’ fleets, Mehitak then begins to fight him. Amidst the chaos, the princess rebels against her brothers and leads the Iron Tribe fleets.

Episode 15: “When the Light Falls”
Age continues to be more out of control, and realizing that they cannot control the situation, the Silver Tribe decides to leave. The Argonaut then enters the battle, and the princess decides that they have to take the ship near Age so they can calm Age. As Mehitak gets brutally defeated, Dhianeila faces Age. After she apologizes to Age, Age reverts back to his human form.

Episode 16: “Overcoming the Fates”
The Argonaut navigates on Earth’s surface. Meanwhile, with the Nodos, Mehitak’s fate is being discussed after learning about his defeat. Prome O’s theory about which tribe the Golden Tribe favors gets overheard by Lekty. After this, both Age and Mehitak awakens. The princess approaches Mehitak and promises that the latter will no longer have to fight and also informs him that they plan to free his people. Moved, Mehitak then swears that if they succeed, he will side with the Iron Tribe.

Episode 17: “The Retributive Troops”
Age and Mehitak starts to get to know each other. During this, Meleagros and Atalantes tried to subdue a terminal planet. Meleagros, together with the Calydonian fleet, move onto where the Bronze Tribe’s home planet is at and disturbs a large amount of its nests. The Nodos are sent by the Silver Tribe to attack Age. During this, Yuty La learns from Karkinos about revenge. Karkinos explains to a confused Yuty La that he stays because of a special someone. Age, with the Argonaut, moves to counter the Bronze Tribe’s forces. Yuty La gets ordered to attack Age.

Episode 18: “The Victorious Day”
The Iron Tribe soon lands onto Tauron, the Bronze Tribe’s home planet, after engaging the latter in a large scale battle. The Bronze Tribe was not assisted by the Silver Tribe as they try to figure out what the Iron Tribe’s next move is. Prome O discloses that the Iron Tribe’s emotional capacity is similar to that of the Golden Tribe’s. Age soon realizes that the remaining Bronze Tribe people left on the planet, as it is bombarded, are those who cannot fight. The princess has a similar realization and stops the attack. The Iron Tribe then prepares to attack the Silver Tribe’s home planet next.

Episode 19: “The Invasion between the Planet Systems”
The Iron Tribe heads to the Silver Tribe’s home planet, Codomos. Prome O feels uneasy as he compares the current situation to the events that happened in the past with the Golden Tribe. Dhianeila tries to contact Phaetho O to finally confirm the Silver Tribe’s motives. Just as Phaetho O locates the Argonaut, trouble happens. Yuty La reveals her Heroic Tribe form and moves to attack the Iron Tribe.

Episode 20: “The Nodos of Darkness”
Age destroys Phaetho O’s ship together with some of the Bronze Tribe nests which joined the fray. Meleagros and Atalantes tried to hold back Yuty La’s attacks, but it ends up in failure. Mehitak volunteers himself to assist Age in fighting Yuty La but soon after, both the Silver Tribe and Bronze Tribe launches a huge attack. Karkinos comes out to join Yuty La’s battle against Age and Mehitak. Their battle grows and an attack destroyed the Althaea, along with Meleagros, Atalantes, and the Calydonian fleet. Nilval declares a retreat because of this. The princess finally met with Prome O and requested to speak with her. Meanwhile, Age and Yuty La’s battle seems to end with a large red explosion.

Episode 21: “The Planet Codomos”
While the Argonaut approaches Codomos, Prome O creates a place wherein she and the human princess will converse. During this, Age, with the assistance of Mehitak, continues to battle Yuty La. Karkinos looks on, and Lekty is shown to be observing the battle inside a Silver Tribe ship. Dhianeila is teleported by Iolaous onto the planet to meet with Prome O. They realize that the starways were created by the stars themselves and that the Golden Tribe’s wish is for all the other tribes to get to know each other. Phaetho O is angered by this and speeds to attack the Argonaut, but was stopped by a large amount of Silver Tribe ships. Dhianeila is given the memories of the Golden Tribe’s home planet, Elysium.

Episode 22: “The Agreement of Death”
Prome O shares her memories to Dhianeila because she has the unique ability to find other galaxies without needing the help of the starways. The two tribes then came to an agreement; if Dhianeila fails to the Golden Tribe’s powers at their home planet, the Silver Tribe will continue to attack the Iron Tribe. The human princess realizes that this is the only way to finally end their dispute with the Silver Tribe. The Argonaut prepares for their new destination. Age and Yuty’s battle still continues with the possibility that they will enter into mental chaos so Karkinos decides to step in. Yuty La enters into mental chaos after seeing Karkinos get die while protecting Kervius.

Episode 23: “The Four”
Dhianeila continues to guide the Argonaut towards Elysium. Yuty La is imprisoned in Romu Ro’s ship. Age meets with Mehitak and Lekty within Yuty La’s void of nothingness. Karkinos gets revived from death after a gem containing his Heroic Tribe form is encountered by Age and the others. The Nodos unites their powers to allow Age to escape the void they are in. Phaetho O’s forces proceeds to attack the Argonaut with the other Silver Tribe objecting. The path to Elysium finally gets located by the human princess, but Phaetho O warps into the ship and prepares to attack. Just as he unleashed his attack, Age, in Bellcross form, appears and blocks the attack. The Argonaut successfully warps away.

Episode 24: “Elysium”
Age, with Mehitak, Karkinos and Lekty manages to escape from the void of nothingness. The four teleports to Phaetho O’s ship to take a rest. The Argonaut gets consumed by a strange electrical storm in while taking the route to Elysium. Dhianeila believes that the storm is a test of their resolve. The ship’s main cannon is used to clear away the storm and they land onto Elysium. While exploring the planet’s surface, Dhianeila and her guards gets confronted by Romu Ro who declares that he will destroy the Golden Tribe’s planet. His ship appears and crashes onto the Argonaut, forcing both ships to crash land. A mentally chaotic Kervius attacks the planet’s defenses and Romu Ro fights Dhianeila’s guards. As Romu Ro prepares to kill the princess, Age and the other Nodos appears.

Episode 25: “The Final Labor”
Lekty threatens Romu Ro to not destroy the humans. The four Nodos are forced to fight Kervius as his mental chaos gets worse. The Nodos cannot contact Yuty La as Romu Ro sealed her mind. Lekty then encounters her past versions which represents her past doubts and realizes that Age and Bellcross are the key to opening the door to the Golden Tribe. Bellcross, with the help from his past selves, absorbs the planet’s energy. Bellcross is the key to the portal while Kervius is the door. Bellcross succeeds in defeating Kervius and manages to open the door. As his body disintegrates, he is seen seemingly being welcomed by the Golden Tribe. Karkinos revives Yuty La and they embrace. Bellcross’ orb falls into the ground and shatters as Dhianeila touches it.

Episode 26: “Age”
The Silver Tribe, Bronze Tribe and the Iron Tribe ships travel to Elysium. Phaetho helps in repairing the Argonaut. The Silver Tribe decides to go through the portal along with the Bronze Tribe and the other Nodos. Prome O bestows upon Dhianeila the power of the Golden Tribe which is kept by the Silver Tribe. To restore the galaxy, Dhianeila chooses to stay behind. Using the Golden Tribe’s power, the crew of the Argonaut ends all war and destruction. The Argonaut returned to Oron in order to fulfill Age’s wish. Four years pass, Oron finally gets completely restored. Standing on the shore of the ocean, Dhianeila thinks on how he longs to see Age. As she began to leave, a portal opens and beam of light slowly descends. Age appears within the light. At the moment that his and Dhianeila’s hands meet, they get engulfed in a blinding light.

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