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Aria the Animation [TV]

Aria the Animation
Plot Summary

Set in the 24th century, mankind has successfully terraformed Mars, making it a habitable planet and renaming it to planet Aqua. Now mostly made up of water and ocean, humans use unmotorized gondolas to travel around their cities.

The story follows Akari Mizunashi, a young woman who just arrived at Aqua from Manhome (formerly known as Earth). Her dream is to become an Undine – a gondolier that acts as a tour guide – starting her journey in Neo-Venezia, a city that closely resembles Manhome’s city Venice.

Watch Akari Mizunashi and her friends explore the wonder filled planet of Aqua, and how they face the problems in a gondolier’s life.

About the Show

Aria is an anime adaptation of the sci-fi manga series by Kozue Amano, which was initially titled as Aqua. Produced by studio Hal Film Maker, Aria aired a total of 13 episodes, between October 5, 2005 and December 28, 2005.

Season Summary

Episode 1: That Wonderful Miracle …
Ai, a pushy young girl arrives at Aria company, and demands Akari give her a tour around the city of Neo-Venezia in her gondola. Akari refuses, as she is still a Single and is not permitted to take customers into tours. Ai finally convinces Akari to give her the tour, after saying that she be treated as a friend and not a customer. During the tour, Ai expresses her dislike towards Neo-Venezia, which causes Akari to retort. However, after meeting and spending the day with Akari and her friends, Ai came to love the city, and asks Akari to become her penpal.

Episode 2: On That Special Day …
Akari is caught under a heavy rain during the annual flooding of Neo-Venezia. She decides to take shelter in Aika’s room at Himeya Company, and there she discovers that the employees respect Aika as she is the heir to the company. However, after being scolded by her strict mentor Akira, Aika decides to leave with Akari and spend the night at Aria’s Company. The following morning, Akira arrives at Aria’s Company and demands Aika to return. Aika realizes that Akira only cares for her, despite Akira being mean most of the time.

Episode 3: With That Transparent Young Girl …
Akari and Aika meet a talented but an unfriendly young girl named Alice, during their training in a strait. Despite her attitude, Alice’s attention was caught by Akari’s smile. Later that afternoon, an apprentice salamander (weather controller) named Akatsuki asks Akari if he could accompany her during her practice tour around the city. Along the way, they meet and invite Alice to ride along with them, and Alice finally manages to smile because of Akari. At the end of the day, Akari and Alice were invited by Akatsuki to a tour inside their floating weather control station and see the sunset.

Episode 4: That Undeliverable Letter …
Akari meets a mysterious girl who asks her to deliver a letter. Later, she finds out from Mr. Mailman that the envelope contains an out-of-date video card, but he promised her that he will find the location of the address. Akari meets the mysterious girl again, who tells her that the letter can overcome time and space. Mr. Mailman finally finds where the address is, and tells Akari that the letter is meant to be delivered to an abandoned terraforming base out in the Adriatic. A sylph (airborne deliveryman) named Woody takes Akari and they arrive at a cemetery above the water. Akari delivers the letter to a gravestone, and plays the letter from Ami.

Episode 5: To That Island Which Shouldn’t Exist…
Akari, Alice, and Aika meet on an unfamiliar island after receiving an anonymous invitation. Later, they find that the senders of the invitation were their mentors, and they are there for a special training. They spent the morning by rowing unstable logs instead of gondolas, to train their balance. They are rewarded with a relaxing time to swim, and Akari reminisces her memories of Manhome.

Episode 6: That Which You Want to Protect …
Akari is taken to Orange Planet with Alice, and there she meets Alice’s pet kitten Maa-kun, and Athena, one of the so called Three Great Water Fairies. During this time, Alice learns more from her mentor Athena, and also from Akari.

Episode 7: Doing That Wonderful Job …
Akira takes out the trainees into the canal for their training. Later in the afternoon, she challenges her trainee’s skills by trapping them in a maze. The trainees fail after separately trying to escape the maze, but finally manage to finish the challenge after working together. They end the day with Akira treating them to pizza.

Episode 8: That Melancholy President … / That Cool Hero …
Aria Company’s president Aria fails to become useful even after trying his best. He even suits up as his favorite superhero to help anonymously, but his employees recognize him instantly. Despite his failures the whole day, he manages to help return a stuffed toy, instantly lifting his stress.

Episode 9: That Star-like Fairy …
Alicia takes the trainees to Grandma Akino – founder of Aria Company – to teach them more on how to become better undines. The trainees spend the day helping grandma with household chores at her countryside home. Later that night, Grandma reveals that she has nothing to teach them further, if they already enjoy being on a gondola.

Episode 10: That Warm Holiday …
Alicia invites the trainees to a hot spring during their day off. Together, they all prepare for winter, and learn how to enjoy and appreciate the season.

Episode 11: Those Orange Days …
The trainees hear their mentor’s stories of friendship, and how this can also possibly happen to them. They are given a valuable lesson, that they should appreciate and enjoy the present.

Episode 12: That Soft Wish …
Akari unconsciously visits the past, after crossing Neo-Venezia’s oldest bridge. She then meets Akiko, who invites her to visit Akiko’s home for tea.

Episode 13: That White Morning …
Akari and her company spend new year’s eve together.

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This show is so special in a very unique way. It's wholesome and very good, and I wish it was something more popular, but it's particular in that it's just not going to be for a lot of people. I associate this anime with warm summer nights, awake while my family sleeps, slowly dozing as though a gondola is drifting me away... LOL Seriously, though, what a wonderful show! I also recommend the manga for Kozue Amano's beautiful artwork. She has a few art books that include many gorgeous illustrations!
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