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Renai Boikun [Manga]

Renai Boikun
Renai Boikun
Renai Boikun
Plot Summary

Have you heard of Death Note? Of course, every anime fan is familiar with the Death Note. Well, try the Kiss Note – a powerful notebook that controls the fate of romance and love. One day Gris, a female shinigami holding a mysterious item appears in front of the high-school boy Aino Seiji trying to force him to kiss a random person. With Seiji choosing to kiss Gris how will his yandere crush, Hiyama Akane, handle it!? Since normal love seems to have become a little boring these days the gallant and (troublesome) messenger of love appears! This love triangle is a matter of life and death! So will Seiji survive this? Find out in this hypertension love comedy.

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