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Angel Links [TV]

Stellar Angel Seihou Tenshi Angel Rinks
Angel Links
Plot Summary

The Oracion galaxies contain the richest mineral deposits in the universe. Ask any space pirate you run across and they would agree. Thanks to modern robotics, freight ships moving through these galaxies are unmanned, and are thus easy prey for the pirates. The police have given up, forcing freight companies to hire outside help. One agency, the Private Guard Company, has a unique ship that possesses awesome firepower. Under the command of its 16-year old captain, Li May Fong, the Angel Links roams the galaxies, exterminating pirates for free.

Li Meifon is the head of a free, no expenses paid protection/security agency for escorting ships across outer space. Though only 16, she possesses great skill and leadership qualities while commanding her crew aboard their ship, the Angel Links. However, some unpleasant memories begin to trouble her and she starts questioning her own past and reason for existence. Join Li Meifon and the rest of the Angel Links crew on their adventures through the Oracion star system as they battle pirates, government organizations, and a Tao master, all while finally uncovering Meifon’s dark and mysterious past.

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