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Alice Academy [TV]

Alice Academy
Alice Academy
Alice Academy
Plot Summary

Alice Academy

The story takes places within a faraway country side in Japan where 10-year-old, Sakura Mikan, resides with her grandfather. Mikan grew up and was raised by her grandfather all alone and goes to a local elementary school in the neighbourhood. One day, she meets a very peculiar transfer student named Imai Hotaru. Hotaru is a very intelligent girl with an odd obsession for building and inventing machines that are quite extraordinary although she somewhat cold hearted, aloof and uninterested in things other than nanotechnology.

Odd as it seems, the two of them became best friends despite their differences. Even though sometimes they argue about it and Hotaru would always win and call her in some nicknames ‘’ugly’’ and ‘’idiot’’
One day, it was decided that their school will be closed down because of financial problems. Devastated, Mikan and her grandfather tried everything they had to protect the school. Mikan influences her peers but sadly none of them were enthusiastic enough to join her even her bestfriend.

She tells Hotaru how important the school is to her and the memories she made with her friends. After a week, Mikan was called by her other friends telling that Hotaru’s mom is talking to the principal. It was rumoured that Hotaru is one of those with ‘’Alices’’
After a few minutes Hotaru’s turtle mail reached Mikan. (Turtle Mail is one of Hotaru’s inventions) It is said to deliver any message 1 week after being used to send it to the recipient.

After Mikan read it, she rushed over to Hotaru and asked for an explanation. Hotaru didn’t explain much and just left her there and Hotaru’s mother took over. She said that Hotaru didn’t want to transfer but she had to so she can save the school Mikan loved so much. Hotaru will be transferring to Alice Academy, a prestigious school for gifted students with unique supernatural abilities depending on an individual.

When Hotaru was about to go, she wiped off Mikan’s tears and told her she will be in contact when she gets there. As she promised, Hotaru would send her post cards and letters but after a while, she hasn’t contacted her at all. Mikan decided to follow Hotaru in Tokyo after hearing horrible rumors on how they treat their students and began imagining exaggerated things. She decided to go alone and left a note for her grandfather.

Upon arriving, she tried forcing herself in the school gates because security won’t let her in. She was very troubled until some random people who look like criminals have come to bribe Mikan that they will help her get inside the school. Without noticing a thing, she believed them and decided to go with them but they were approached by very handsome blonde haired man called Narumi who claims to be a teacher at the school.
He warned Mikan not to trust anybody. And thus, this angered the strange men and tried to attack him but strangely these men were under his spell. It turns out, he has an alice called ‘’Pheromones Inclination’’ that makes adults attracted to him and he can order them what to do.

The strange men left at his order and tried using his alice to send Mikan home but she was not affected. Because of this, Narumi asked Mikan if she wanted to transfer to this school. (Narumi had a hunch that Mikan has an alice)

After the incident, another commotion has occurred. Mikan and Narumi saw a person being carried by a large eagle attempting to escape. But the gates were being guarded and have high voltage electricity.
Narumi brought a strange bean that grew rapidly and slapped the boy. He mentioned that his name is Natsume. Natsume crashed on the gates and got electrified but still tried to attack Narumi with his alice, fire. But of course, being a kid Natsume was affected by Narumi’s alice and passed out.

Mikan was creeped out with Narumi and Natsume’s alice and began thinking about how Hotaru’s being treated in the school seeing how Natsume was treated by him. Mikan was able to get into the school thanks to Narumi. Narumi will have to talk to the principal and asked Mikan to wait for him and watch Natsume so he can’t escape. Another teacher named Misaki barged in to look for Narumi. Natsume’s apparently sleeping but if he wakes up, he told her to press the red button on the wall.

Mikan asked Misaki to stay for a moment and talk. She asked about Narumi and about Natsume. Natsume is the most rebellious student and dangerous in Alice Academy. He also assured Mikan that Narumi isn’t a bad guy like she is imagining. Mikan has finally learned to calm herself down. After a few minutes, bid goodbye and went out.

Mikan who was excited to see Hotaru looks at their photo and suddenly Natsume wakes up and pull Mikan’s hair and asked her who she was. Mikan couldn’t answer right away because she was still stunned so Natsume threatened her to burn her hair if she doesn’t answer in 5 seconds.

Meanwhile, as Misaki-sensei was running, he saw a large eagle carrying another boy again and crashed inside the room where Mikan and Natsume were. It was Natsume’s bestfriend called Ruka. Natsume kept pushing Mikan to say something and then Narumi and Misaki-sensei came in rushing. Mikan pushed Natsume away and ran towards the teachers but her skirt fell off. Natsume and Ruka took off and called Mikan ‘’polka-dots’’ as it was a pattern of her underwear.

Mikan kept crying and kept going on about not being able to become a bride now that someone has seen her panties. In order for her to calm down again, Narumi gave her great news that she’s finally accepted in the school. But it’s only temporary. For her to fully transfer and get accepted, she will have to stay for a week and make friends with her class.

2 students from the elementary division entered. It was Hotaru and the class president Tobita Yuu. It was Mikan and Hotaru’s fateful encounter again after many many months. It brought Mikan to tears and Hotaru told her she’s ugly when she cries so she has to smile for her. Although Hotaru is happy to see her too, she warned her not to get so close to her during class because she’s aiming to be a top student to get a privilege to go on a vacation. Yuu and Hotaru took Mikan to their class and Mikan was amazed how other students are doing inside the classroom.

Others can float; others can control things, teleport and many more. Mikan was assigned to sit at the back. In unexpected turn of events, her seat mate is Natsume Hyuuga. Because of what happened earlier, Mikan addressed Natsume as a pervert and molestor.

Mikan was unaware of what things might happen if she talks to Natsume like that. Other students started to diss Mikan and one of them made her float and asked what her alice is. She didn’t know what to say because she herself doesn’t even know what her alice is yet. Since of the students has a mind reading alice, he read Mikan’s thought out loud. All of them were shocked to hear that she doesn’t know her own alice. A group of Natsume’s fan girls led by Sumire, mocked Mikan about it.

Narumi and the other teachers were aware of what’s happening and decided to wait for a bit. Since they believe Natsume is a smart kid, he will be the one to give Mikan her test to pass her temporary transfer.
He sent her out to the Northern Woods where it is said to be a dangerous place, and if she comes back unharmed she will be accepted as a student with an alice.

Main Characters:

Mikan Sakura
-the main protagonist of the show. Her alice is ‘’Nullification’’ which means she can nullify any alice that will cause her harm.

Mikan is a small girl with wide brown eyes and brown hair usually in twin tails. She often wears the Alice Academy school uniform.

Mikan in extremely optimistic, cheerful, athletic, and very energetic. She tends to smile even if she’s having trouble in the school. She is also loud-mouthed which annoys her bestfriend Hotaru and her enemy, Natsume. But because of her good-natured personality, she gained a lot of friends. Even Ruka, Natsume’s bestfriend had fallen in love with her.

Hotaru Imai
-Mikan’s bestfriend. She is the reason why Mikan went to Tokyo. Her Alice is ‘’Invention Alice’’ which allows her to invent various kinds of exceptional machines that is on par with other great alices. She is also one of the top ranking students.

Hotaru is a beautiful girl that has a black short hair and beautiful violet/purple colored eyes. Often wears her school uniform which consists of black long sleeve shirt, red tied ribbon, red plaid skirt and knee-high boots.


Although sometimes cold, Hotaru is very kind and caring too. She is undeniably intelligent and more mature than the rest of her classmates. She is logical, rational and very bright. She also has a foul mouth and often calls Mikan an idiot. Because of her alice, she gains a lot of financial support from foreigners that loves her inventions.

Natsume Hyuga

Natsume Hyuga possesses the Fire Alice. In the anime, it was categorized as Dangerous Ability Type of alice. He is the only one in the elementary branch that has a special star and quite popular among the upperclassmen.


Natsume has jet black hair and red eyes. He sometimes wears a mask and some earrings that are called power limiters which are used to restrain him. He wears the elementary boy’s uniform which looks a lot like the girls but the only difference is that they wear red plaid shorts.
He is described to be handsome and a bit tall for his age. His alice is very dangerous because it is a double-edged blade. His life gets drained everytime he uses his alice.


Natsume is quite the troublemaker. Even though he is cold and easily angered he is very intelligent and blunt. Natsume has a soft hearted side which he never express so much. Only Ruka knows how good he is. Later on, he developed trust on Mikan and the others that care so much for him.
Natsume loves to tease Mikan by calling her names like ‘’strawberry pattern’’ and ‘’polka dots’’ referred to her panties. He always sees Mikan’s panties in random times. He is super annoyed by Mikan at first but then later on he sees Mikan as the ‘’Sun’’ because of her bright and cheerful personality. He may have the most mysterious background story.

Ruka Nogi
Ruka is Natsume’s best friend. His alice is Animal Pheromones that makes any animal love him and follow his orders. He hides his alice from everyone except Natsume because he thinks it’s embarrassing. Ruka and Natsume both have feelings for Mikan.


Ruka has blonde hair and light blue eyes. Like Natsume, he wears the elementary school uniform. He is often seen carrying a rabbit and has handsome features. He and Natsume are quite popular within the girls and ladies.


Ruka always set up a bad boy personality but deep down he is very soft-hearted. But because of Natsume, he doesn’t want to show it. Because Natsume is quite lonely inside and Ruka said if Natsume won’t smile, he will not too. Although he’s very bright and happy whenever he visits the animals and giant Piyo. His soft side was starting to show when he met Mikan.

Side Characters:
Anju L. Narumi
-the homeroom teacher and Japanese teacher of the elementary division class B. He was also the one who found Mikan. He has blonde hair and violet eyes and somewhat looks feminine.

Tobita Yu
-a.k.a Iincho. He is the class representative and his alice is Illusions. Yu is one of the top students with 3 star rank. He looks feminine and wears round eye glasses. He is very kind and has a gentle personality.

Sumire Shouda
-She is the self-proclaimed president of the Natsume and Ruka fan club. Her alice let’s her transform into a cat and use any ability a cat has. Her eyes and hair have the same green color and Milan calls her permy because of her permy hair.

Bear and Giant Piyo
-both from the Northern Woods. Bear is a stuffed toy who has life and was made by a student with an Alice that gives life to dolls. Giant Piyo is a mutated chick that is taken care of at the woods.

There are 5 main types of Alices:
*Latent Ability Type
*Technical Type
*Active/Somatic Type
*Special Type
*Dangerous Type
Star Ranking:
In the academy, students with good behavior, academic skills and power are often given star ranks. There are 5 types of star ranks:
*Special Star
*Triple Star
*Double Star
*One Star
*No star

Mikan is the first one to receive a No Star and Natsume is the only one in the elementary division with a Special Star rank. Hotaru and Yu have both Triple Star Ranks.

Every star rank has corresponding allowance given. The school provides allowances, food, and room. If you’re a No Star your room, allowance, and food are on low budget compared to upper star ranks.

The academy was built for a sole purpose; to protect the gifted children from the adults who wants to use them. The academy consists of three divisions:

*Elementary Division
*Junior High Division
*Senior High Division

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