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What is everyone Cosplaying as at MidWest

I'm fairly new to cosplay but I'm planning to go as Natsuki from DDLC, Sakura from ZombieLand Sage, and Skully from the Marble Hornets Comic series.
I will be going as Jill Valentine from Resident Evil 3, Claire Redfield noir from the Resident Evil 2 remake, and a sort of punk/rocker Harley Quinn I put together
I'll be going as Uraraka casual (probably, Friday) get school uniform on Saturday then a secret K-pop cosplay on Sunday
I'll be cosplaying as Monokuma from Danganronpa, though I might have to wear my glasses in cosplay because otherwise I wont be able to see much
I'll be cosplaying Sasuke from Naruto and then on Saturday Kaido from The Disastrous Life of Saiki K!
Hello everyone I will be going as Issei Hyodo from High School DxD. Sadly I couldn't get the wig but the rest I did get.
First time cosplaying. I'll be going as my OC Pariah, and my boyfriend is debating between redhood(no clue) and luffy(one piece)
I will be going as Okabe Rintarou from Steins; Gate
Anyone know anything about badge pick up?
I'm cosplaying as Sasuke,Luffy,and maybe goku black. I'm not sure which days I'll be doing these cosplays
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