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Anime Midwest 2019

Mar 11, 19 at 9:51am

A place for anyone going to Anime Midwest 2019 who wants to make new friends!

Mar 27, 19 at 9:34pm

Oh? I'm new around here. Could you elaborate on what this event is? (I'm here for Animinneapolis.)

Apr 04, 19 at 5:13am

I'll be there with a group. Cannot wait!

Apr 04, 19 at 2:39pm

I'm be there got a room in the place this year so I can game more and do late night anime watching with new friends

Apr 04, 19 at 10:27pm

Is anyone going to be cosplaying at anime Midwest?

Apr 07, 19 at 3:25am

I am. I'm going to be motorcycle Bulma from Dragon Ball.

May 20, 19 at 10:39am

Will be traveling from Cedar Rapids IA to Chicago for Anime Midwest 2019 with the daughter. We love to cosplay. I heard Voltaire will be performing and signed up immediately.

May 20, 19 at 12:57pm

Does anyone know if we can suggest a game for a tournament? Specifically for puyo puyo Tetris?

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