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Anime Midwest 2019

A place for anyone going to Anime Midwest 2019 who wants to make new friends!
Oh? I'm new around here. Could you elaborate on what this event is? (I'm here for Animinneapolis.)
I'll be there with a group. Cannot wait!
I'm be there got a room in the place this year so I can game more and do late night anime watching with new friends
Apr 04, 19 at 10:27pm
Is anyone going to be cosplaying at anime Midwest?
I am. I'm going to be motorcycle Bulma from Dragon Ball.
Will be traveling from Cedar Rapids IA to Chicago for Anime Midwest 2019 with the daughter. We love to cosplay. I heard Voltaire will be performing and signed up immediately.
Does anyone know if we can suggest a game for a tournament? Specifically for puyo puyo Tetris?
Not sure if anyone is going to see this, but I have room openings for AMW 2019. I'm in the Marriott Suites just north of the con center. message me on Instagram if you are interested: @ng_death_the_kid_18
Heyy guys. this is my first time going to Anime Midwest AND going to Chicago as well, so I'm really nervous, not to mention I am going alone, does anyone have any advice for me on what to expect when I go to Anime Midwest for the very first time in July?? Also, how much longer until the schedule goes up? I am super excited!! Also I'm going to see Voltaire!! Any other Voltaire fans??
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