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Anybody play any instruments?

Anybody play any musical instruments? And if you do for how long? I personally played the piano since I was a kid and I was recently fueled to play it even more after the anime your lie in april came out such a good anime!
I actually play four! Piano, Saxophone, ukulele, and guitar so far, but I'm hoping to learn more
Wow! That's pretty rad haha I'd like to learn a few more too, maybe violin , accordion, saxophone. Saxophone has got such rich low tones I'd love to learn it!
If you like the lower tones, I'd recommend learning tenor or baritone saxophone. The alto saxophone, the one I play, does have low notes but it mainly h as high notes
I like to think of turntables as an instrument and I scratch on em. I also play flamenco guitar and synths. https://www.instagram.com/jphardboiled/
I've played piano since 1979. I'm really old. I still make music, and sometimes I even get paid! www.karmadog.bandcamp.com
Word of advice to you woodwind folks - don't play the oboe. It hurts. You can die from it. I played it in high school and college, and I'm lucky to be alive. http://www.sfgate.com/music/article/Bennett-S-F-Symphony-oboist-dies-at-56-4317151.php
I have played Trombone for three years. And whenever I see a forum like this I am always so sad that everyone plays a cooler instrument than me! Ah well, marching band it is for me!
I play piano and guitar! Your Lie In April encouraged me to play the piano again and more often! Such a beautiful anime, the soundtrack was absolutely amazing!
Nov 30, 18 at 4:52am
Yesss keyboard(piano)!!
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