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Anybody play any instruments?

Nov 30, 18 at 8:34pm
This account has been suspended.
Used to play the harmonica...
Electric Kalimba and guitar!
I can play most of the brass instruments (baritone is my main), i also play guitar (electric and acoustic). I am also very much a beginner at piano and violin. I am planning on bringing my trombone to Anime Midwest to rock out some P!ATD songs and some anime tunes if i have time to learn some.
I play the flute and baritone and can play the piano (not very well though). I love sightreading a lot and maybe bringing my flute to anime midwest to play some openings would be fun to do (if I had the confidence)
I play the drums, and I love Pop Punk. If I had the means to transport it, I would definitely bring it to AMW to play some anime openings.
I play a keyboard/flute/ukulele/gutar/and a tenor saxiphone
I play trumpet and I'm also learning ocarina
i played flute when younger,for about 6-7yrs,went to music school,but i really hated solfeggio,just wantet do play.so i stoped.but i consider going on private lesons,couse i realy loved itl
used to play the trumpet in middle school band, sometimes i play with my six string uke (they have a name for that; guitarlele) but im too lazy to keep up with what ive learned on it lmao B')
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