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25 year old Female
Last online 3 months ago
chicago, IL
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Ascha90 @colincarnell left a comment for Rage
Jun 21, 22 at 11:00am
Hi, my name is Colin (19). I'm attending Animeidwest for the first time and am looking for a friends to connect with.
viva_pioni @viva_pioni left a comment for Rage
Jun 15, 22 at 9:30pm
Hello, my name is scarlett and I am attending anime midwest as a vet, I would love to befriend you! (I am 20)
Jun 12, 22 at 7:06pm
My most current hyper fixation is Eddie Munson, thanks for coming to my ted talk
scrawled @scrawled left a comment for Rage
Jun 06, 22 at 2:51pm
Hi, my name is nicolas and I am going to attend the midwest as well this year. It's gonna be my first time at such a big convention (and i've never been to the states before), so I am kinda hoping to possibly find some people that are a bit more familiar with stuff than i am. I would love to meet and hang out! (I am 28, m, and swiss) :)
May 21, 22 at 1:57pm
You should have gotten an email saying Anime Midwest 2022 Registration Is Confirmed. There's a chance it could be in your spam???
I bought a ticket for Anime Midwest but I can't find any email confirmation of my purchase. Did anyone else not get a purchase confirmation email? I already sent an email to support but wanted to reach out to the community.
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